Feminine dad sneakers by Högl

Goodbye to minimalism!

Glamometer’s team of bloggers have styled Högl’s feminine VISIONARY dad sneakers. The verdict: chunky is the new delicate.
Sneakers are the best investment a woman can make right NOW! Not only are they cool, modern and comfortable, they’re also bang on-trend.
Annette Web und Viktoria Rader im Partnerlook: Beide tragen die Högl Dad Sneaker VISIONARY, einen langen,cremefarbenen Wollmantel und modische Accessoires.
Glamometer is a cross between a blog and a magazine – a blogazine. The brains behind it are Annette Weber, Germany’s ‘voice of fashion’ and respected textile industry expert, and Viktoria Rader, blogger and fashion influencer.

Sneakers with distinctive soles are bang on-trend

Forget the ‘ugly sneaker’ or ‘dad sneaker’ labels that are being thrown around in the media in an attempt to convince us that these new sneakers are hideous monsters.
These new sneakers aren’t ugly. They’re just new and they call for a fresh perspective and innovative approach.
Think differently – chunky is the new delicate. These sneakers are about as far removed from thin strappy sandals, the previous ultimate in shoe fashion, as a Mercedes G-Class is from a Jaguar E-Type. They’re both cool, but undoubtedly at opposite ends of the design spectrum.

A feminine version of dad sneakers

Högl, the premium Austrian shoe brand, renowned for its modern, feminine footwear, is launching a new range of dad sneakers, including its VISIONARY design, available in metallic platinum, silver and rose gold. With their 5 cm high white sole (approximately the height of a kitten heel), they’ll make you look wonderfully tall. 
Die Dad Sneaker VISIONARY in Szene gesetzt: Glamometer präsentieren den Trend-Schuh auf einer Treppe.
Högl has picked up on the current trend for futuristic and striking soles and has incorporated them into this extremely feminine design.
Viktoria Rader und Annette Weber in zwei extravaganten Looks zu den Ugly Sneakers VISIONARY in Platin. Beide tragen große Fellmützen und einen Oversize-Mantel.
Available in various metallic shades, these VISIONARY sneakers are also fantastically versatile, as the outfits styled by Glamometer demonstrate.
Högl has picked up on the current trend for futuristic and striking soles and has incorporated them into this extremely feminine design.

But what really sets these Högl sneakers apart is their harmonious colour scheme. Rather than being garishly bright, they are clean and stylish – simply elegant and luxurious.
With small inserts in smooth, metallic and patent leather, these VISIONARY sneakers also combine a fashionable array of different materials!
Anette Weber psoiert in einem grauen Oversize Mantel mit oversized Print, dazu trägt sie die Högl Sneakers VISIONARY.
Annette Weber is known for her expressive looks which reflect the latest trends. Högl’s trendy VISIONARY sneakers can be paired with a striking, oversized look...
Annette Weber lächelt in die Kamera. Sie trägt ein cremefarbenes Outfit und die Högl Ugly Sneaker VISIONARY.
…or an understated, layered outfit in delicate cream tones. An on-trend sneaker that is both feminine and versatile!

How should you wear these trendy new sneakers? Here are five styling tips from the Glamometer team:

1) Oversize. The solid, robust design of these new sneakers, with their substantial, sturdy soles, compliments the loose-fitting silhouette that is currently emerging in fashion. Right now, in winter, that still means oversize coats. For the summer, it will be loose-fitting, super roomy jackets.
2) Easy and relaxed. These VISIONARY sneakers work well with the casual, relaxed look which women currently want (and wear) when unwinding during their leisure time.  Think jogging pants.
3) Style mix. Combine with a dress or a skirt for a look that’s girly, sweet – and bold. Although it may take a little getting used to, when it comes to wearing rugged sneakers with a romantic dress, opposites clearly do attract.
4) Classic jeans. Be they skinny tube, boyfriend, cropped or mom fit jeans, these VISIONARY sneakers can be worn with them all. That’s all down to their shape and high-cut design around the heel, which creates a space in front to reveal the leg – essential for a sleek silhouette.
5) Short stories. Sneakers and hot pants – the absolute dream team for the festival season. Whether it’s Coachella, Tomorrowland or Rock in the Park – nothing says summer, youthful spirit and easy living like beautiful legs in cool sneakers worn with short skirts or trousers. So sexy!
Be brave and go for it!
Hugs and kisses,
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