Högl white sneakers

An all-purpose secret weapon

A pair of shoes that really goes with every look? White sneakers. For Vivalamoda, they can even easily replace heels.
Right now, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my flight from Paris to Munich. Three weeks of Fashion Week are done and dusted - I spent last week in Paris, watching the catwalks of the world’s best designers and up-and-coming names in fashion.
Vivalamoda is looking at the camera. She is wearing a nude raincoat and an orange pullover.
Vivalamoda followed the editors’ example at Paris Fashion Week, trading high heels for sneakers - for the sake of her feet and her look.
Particularly at Paris Fashion Week, I noticed that in this changeable between-seasons weather, even fashion editors love to wear sneakers! I felt completely reassured by this, as chic, timeless sneakers are also my first choice when it comes to putting together a fashionable everyday spring look.
Over the past few weeks, I've mainly worn heels to a lot of the fashion shows. No wonder my feet eventually let out a cry for help and started to ache. Luckily, I still had some sneakers in my favourite colour, white, in my suitcase. I feel the same about white accessories as I do about black ones: they go with anything, for any occasion! With a little care, they can also stay radiantly white for a very, very long time and are true all-rounders, whether you’re going for an elegant or casual look.
As a photographer, on some days I have to carry up to six kilos of camera equipment, so white sneakers are the ideal companion for remaining both comfortable and on-trend on the way to meetings or photography jobs.
Vivalamoda is presening her Streetstyle in Paris. She is wearing an orange turtleneck shirt, a raincoat and the Högl sneakers ESSENZA in white.
These Högl ESSENZA sneakers are an absolute classic: they could have been made for this transitional season.
Vivalamoda is dressed perfectly for Paris Fashionweek. She combines an orange turleneck shirt with the Högl Sneakers ESSENZA in white.
A layered look is on point. Vivalamoda opts for a fashionable raincoat and an orange turtleneck for a splash of colour.
I’d like to introduce you to my favourite sneaker of the moment: this white ESSENZA all-rounder by Högl! A classic, I've combined it with casual trousers and a lightweight orange turtleneck. I'm a big fan of light raincoats in spring. They mean I’m prepared for changeable weather, and when the sun comes out, I can just take it off, fold it up and stow it in my bag.
The Högl sneakers ESSENZA in white.
All-day favourites you can rely on through thick and thin: these Högl soft leather ESSENZA sneakers don’t attract much attention, but are the epitome of class, quality and comfort.
These Högl white sneakers are an all-purpose secret weapon. As soon as it gets warmer, I’ll be wearing them with light linen trousers, dresses and skirts. For me, white sneakers can also be elegant and easily replace heels for casual charm and cool chic!

I hope you have lots of fun styling your new favourite shoes!
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