Högl sandals in croc-effect

Let’s dance our way into spring!

Note to self: you deserve it! For shortstoriesandskirts, spring is the time to indulge in happy things, such as some gorgeous new sandals.
Spring has finally sprung! And with it comes a pleasant, warm breeze which brings along a wind of change in our wardrobes. It’s finally time to celebrate this seasonal shift in style. Let’s show a little more skin, and treat our toes to some fresh footwear. I don't know what it's like for you, but for me, picking out my first pair of spring sandals is always a special moment. Granted, it’s not as momentous as graduating, or falling in love for the first time (although that can still happen with a pair of shoes), but it’s a wonderful occasion in its own right: getting a fresh pedicure, choosing a joyful nail colour, and then searching the online stores for the perfect matching sandal!
shortstoriesandskirts welcomes spring with her new Högl high-heeled sandals EXOTICA.

“I don't know what it's like for you, but for me, picking out my first pair of spring sandals is always a special moment.”

Then there’s that rush of emotions you get when you’re buying a designer shoe, a feeling that can only be matched by finding a fabulous yet affordable shoe instead. It’s guilt-free shopping, that leaves you feeling happy and stylish. When this happens, I like to make use of the ‘Note To Self’ function where I congratulate myself on my fab find... “To me, from me. You deserve it!”
The Högl high-heeled sandals EXOTICA.
This is the first pair of sandals shortstoriesandskirts’ chose. This Högl EXOTICA summer design made of brown embossed leather combines the on-point animal trend with gentle femininity.
This year I found my perfect first sandals of the season online at Högl. I opted for sandals in a chic crocodile style, which create an elegant, slim silhouette, and remind me of flamenco dance shoes, with a safari twist. They also boldly flaunt my suntanned skin. From Spanish dance classes to a style for the urban jungle, this sandal has you covered! Except your toes of course.
shortstoriesandskirts combines the high-heeled Högl sandals EXOTICA with a romantic skirt an a white blouse.
These EXOTICA sandals gave shortstoriesandskirts inspiration for a look reminiscent of romantic Mediterranean holidays and fiery moments in Spain.
Shortstoriesandskirts combines her new high-heeled Högl sandals EXOTICA with an airy red skirt.
Warm colours, airy, light fabrics and delicate sandals help Shortstoriesandskirts glide through the golden evening sun.
The first outfit I styled with my new sandals simply had to be a revealing skirt. I chose light spring fabrics which are effortlessly chic with an easy breezy vibe and are just as comfortable as the sandal. The airy skirt shows off the darling ankle strap, which is another lovely feminine detail on these shoes. When I looked into the mirror, I was immediately transported back to my last holidays in Tuscany and felt this warm Mediterranean mood coming over me.
But that doesn’t mean these sandals wouldn’t look just as fabulous with a sleek, sharp pair of trousers. I can’t wait to try pairing them up with cropped trousers, which are set to be another big trend this summer! And that’s the special thing about these shoes. Their neutral brown tone makes them so easy to style, matching a multitude of styles and a never-ending colour scheme.
So to sum up, versatility rocks! Especially when it comes in the shape of a beautifully stylish sandal. So… let’s dance our way into spring, and maybe even book those flamenco classes too! And hey, if it doesn’t work out, at least we’ll still have fab sandals anyway…
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