Feminine Högl dad sneakers for everyday life

Fall in love with the ugly shoe trend

Theclassycloud  is a self-professed heel girl. In a rewarding experiment for Högl, she switched her stilettos for distinctive soles.
Fashion moves so fast - but it also brings back old memories. When was the last time dad sneakers made an appearance? Probably decades ago. I can still remember my Dad's ugly sneakers, which looked enormous when I was little. Fashion trends can be kind of nostalgic, I guess…
Bloggerin Ji is presenting her new Högl Visionary Sneakers in White. She is wearing them on her trip to San Francisco.
These Högl sneakers are anything but ugly. They’re a futuristic fashion highlight for anyone looking for a fancy-but-feminine statement piece.

All I can say is: I’ve fallen for my new white sneakers. I watched all the hype about dad sneakers on social media, yet never felt the strong urge to slip these 'boats' on for myself. But the opportunity came faster than the next fashion trend. So thank you, Högl!
Bloggerin Ji took her time taking pictures infront of some pretty city houses in San Francisco. She is wearing a grey cardigan as a dress, a black sweatshirt and the Högl sneakers Visionary in white.
Theclassycloud styled up Högl’s VISIONARY dad sneakers in a casual and comfy layered look.
Bloggerin Ji is presenting her ne Högl sneakers Visionary in white to the camera.
The slim, high cut combines perfectly with the sporty ridged sole for comfortable and versatile wearability!
I love a brand that challenges me. Högl, my favourite quality shoe brand, knows full well that I'm usually a high-heel kind of girl. So I had mixed feelings when I first opened the shoebox and glimpsed what was inside. I know my rules of physics well enough. Would these sneakers complement me and my outfit? But I was surprised how sleek they looked in reality. And the more I held them in my hands and felt them on my feet, the more I fell in love with these ugly sneakers.
Ji is posing in San Francisco. She is wearing black sunglasses, a oversize handbag and the Högl Sneakers Visionary in white.

“Would these sneakers complement me and my outfit? But I was surprised how sleek they looked in reality. And the more I held them in my hands and felt them on my feet, the more I fell in love with these ugly sneakers.”

My last rotation in January was a duty flight to San Francisco and I was excited to try Högl’s VISIONARY dad sneakers out for the first time. The first outing should always be special, right? For my shoot, I picked the Painted Ladies, a famous street full of beautiful coloured houses in San Francisco, and here are the results: 
The Högl ugly sneakers Visionary in white.
Simply made for the streets of San Francisco! The VISIONARY sneaker is also available in shimmering metallics.
Ji infront of the painted ladies in San Franciso.
The Painted Ladies, a street full of colourful houses, was the perfect location for theclassycloud to shoot her street-style look.
I wore a long grey cardigan as a dress with a black cashmere blazer to accentuate the bright white of the sneakers. The ergonomic shape hugged my feet like a long-lost lover and I just have to give a big thumbs up to the designer for the flat and slightly pointed toe. Yes, this shoe is the high heel version of a sneaker. And believe me - I'm very picky when it comes to shoes!
The Högl dad sneakers visionary in white.
The dramatic white platform sole is 5cm high. Theclassycloud calls it “the high heel version of a sneaker”.
If you’re not totally in for the ugly sneaker trend and still want a trendy yet cool-chic look, then Högl’s VISIONARY model is your answer. Högl have cleverly optimised the fancy trend to create a feminine, wearable version.

Hurry up before they sell out! You can thank me later.
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