Black lace-up ankle boots by Högl

I’m looking forward to autumn!

Nina Wrodnigg, a.k.a. ninawro, loves this golden time of year. Why? There are many reasons, but these four are very close to her heart.

I've stretched the summer out as far as possible this year. I’ve spent almost all of September in a bikini for our honeymoon. You might find it hard to believe, but I always really look forward to spending autumn at home. Autumn is my favourite season - my very own golden time of year, in many ways. I’m going to tell you about the things that make autumn so special to me.
Nina Wro denkt an den Herbst - die goldene Jahreszeit
Just back from her honeymoon further south, Ninawro now looks forward to autumn - her very own golden time of year.

1. Long autumn walks

I just love fresh air and spending my free time outside! For me, autumn is anything but dull and grey. When the sun is shining, I love to shuffle through the colourful leaves in the park, and when the evening sun lights up the city’s alleyways, it’s simply beautiful! That's when I like to try out a new pair of autumn shoes. It’s important that they really fit the bill: both for my feet and for the spirit of autumn. I’ve chosen a pair of black lace-up boots by Högl to go with today's outfit. On the one hand, I like their masculine look and distinctive ridged sole, and on the other, there’s real attention to detail and a feminine side to these ankle boots with their laces and silver buckle. They fit in well with the rest of my outfit: another reason why I love the autumn so much.
Nina walks through the alleys of Salzburg and wears the black Högl ankle boot Cosy
When Nina strolls through the little alleys in the old town of Salzburg in the autumn, she loves to wear snuggly knits and ankle boots.
The Högl ankle boot CODY with tread sole and block heel
The Högl CODY ankle boot: its sole and block heel make a bold impression, but its attention to detail adds femininity.

2. Snuggly outfits

For me it’s never too hard to say goodbye to my airy summer dresses and skimpy tops for another year. It's time for the new autumn trends, in warm materials and also warm tones. I’m particularly keen on the layering look. I love to wear an oversized soft knit over a top and combine it all with one colourful highlight. Not only can I forget my beach body concerns for a while, but also I find that a comfortable, cosy outfit adds to my sense of well-being. A gorgeous wool sweater and cool boots are definitely two ‘it’ pieces this autumn, and combine well to make great outfits.
Nina loves a cuddly outfit - she wears a knitted sweater

"...I find that a comfortable, cosy outfit adds to my sense of well-being. A gorgeous wool sweater and cool boots are definitely two ‘it’ pieces this autumn, and combine well to make great outfits."

3. Shimmering colours

There’s no other time of year when the outside world is bathed in such gorgeous golden light as in the autumn. Every year I let the colours of the leaves and the light give me new inspiration in my outfits. Today’s choice was a satin maxi skirt in shimmering caramel brown. The colour goes very well with my brown hair and coordinates beautifully with the black Högl boots and the cream knit. This is what I’ll wear on my autumnal evening strolls through Salzburg with my husband and my dog Maxi (maxithepuggle).
Nina with her autumn outfit. The colour fits perfectly with autumn
The colours of autumn inspire Nina and are reflected in her outfits.
Nina with the shiny caramel brown satin maxi skirt.
A satin maxi skirt in shimmering caramel brown adds a colourful accent.

4. Taking stock

For me, autumn is also the time where I start to look back over the year so far.
For me, this year has had so many golden moments thanks to my wedding, which has shown me what happiness in its purest form really means.

All the best, Nina
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