Between castings, meetings and photoshoots

Comfort every step of the way

German top model Luisa Hartema is successful all over the world. In her everyday life as a model, she dresses with confidence, style and, above all, comfort! 

Even though I’m only 24, I’ve already travelled around much of the world. I’ve been working as a model for six years now, and regularly leave my home in East Frisia to travel to fashion capitals the world over. I’m extremely grateful that I can discover so many beautiful places through my work.  But I always love coming back home best of all.
Portrait of Luisa Hartema

Today, I’d like to show you a look that’s proved an ideal companion for me in my fast-paced life as a model. Fully scheduled days are often the norm, packed with appointments, castings and meetings. On days like these, I need the perfect outfit to suit every occasion.

Luisa Hartema in skinny jeans, a black blazer, matching hat and feminine Högl bootees.
The most important thing is that the outfit is comfortable and reflects my personality. Only then can I feel great inside, knowing that everyone else will see it too. I like to rely on simple basics with a classy look, which I then match with a fashionable ‘it’ piece.
Luisa Hartema combines the feminine Högl bootees CURVY with skinny jeans and a black blazer
Comy shoes in her everyday life are important for Luisa.
This outfit, with high-waisted jeans, a dark blouse and tuxedo-style blazer, is a smart classic, but modern and stylish at the same time. It also reflects my personality to a degree, as I have to display a lot of professionalism as a model but I’m also a young, fun-loving person.
Luisa Hartema makeing fun on her way to her next casting.
Luisa Hartema hat Spaß beim Shooting für Högl
For long days as a model, suitable shoes are an absolute must. Here, I focus most of all on quality and comfort, as they have to see me through the whole day without causing any discomfort. That’s why, at times like this, I love to wear my black heels by Högl.
Högl bootee CURVY with a v-neck make a beautiful foot.
They offer exactly the comfort I need. The V-neck cut is completely on-trend, making your feet appear super slim, really feminine, and even a little sexy.
Portrait of Luisa Hartema

“This outfit, with high-waisted jeans, a dark blouse and tuxedo-style blazer, is a smart classic, but modern and stylish at the same time.”

Whatever style I need for an appointment, be it a dress, suit or jeans, these heels match just about any combination and let me show the world just who I am. And then if I want to go out in the evening, I just keep them on!
You’ll find my favourite pair and plenty more in the online shop on Austrian shoe brand Högl’s website.
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