Högl Pumps out of a fashionable mix of materials

Two-Toned & Trés Chic

Füsun Lindner alias Shortstoriesandskirts tells us the story behind two-toned heels, that single handedly celebrate womanhood, freedom and equality.

The story of two-toned pumps

Picture the scene, it’s 1957, the toy frisbee has just been invented, Russia’s released the first ever satellite into space, and Elvis Presley is currently dominating the charts. But I’m not here to talk about any of that. In fact I’m here to discuss everyone’s favourite topic instead - shoes! (can I get an amen?) Because 1957 is also coincidentally the year that Coco Chanel released her first pair of two-toned shoes.
Füsun Lindner beim Kaffee
Shortstoriesanskirts is revealing the story of two-toned pumps with a relaxed cup of coffee
A revolutionary moment for any self-respecting fashionista - and here’s why:
The shoe was the first of its kind to take women from the breakfast table, to lunch and finally to dinner all with ease. And in that all important yet often elusive word so overlooked in fashion - comfort! But the shoe also had other benefits too, not just its versatility and wearability. It had the ability to give leg lengthening effects whilst making the foot appear both smaller and more elegant.
Högl pumps Chanella are two-toned and very feminine
The two-toned Högl pumps CHANELLA made of nude-coloured suede and black calfskin

Shoes that empower feminism

However, most importantly are the ideologies both the shoe and Coco Chanel herself represent. Her designs helped liberate a generation of women, whilst making sure they never lost an ounce of femininity in the process! Coco did free us from corsets, and get us ladies into trousers, giving us the ultimate freedom in what we wear. And in many ways isn’t that what feminism is all about? Choice!
Füsun Lindner alias shortstoriesandskirts hat Spaß beim Shooting

“Coco did free us from corsets, and get us ladies into trousers, giving us the ultimate freedom in what we wear. And in many ways isn’t that what feminism is all about? Choice!”


So it’s no surprise that the two-toned shoe has successfully withstood the test of time, finding itself in many reincarnations over the years, and fast becoming a fashion staple.

Högl’s two –toned pumps CHANELLA and how I styled them

Eines ihrer jüngsten Comebacks ist die Version von Högl, die eine schicke und stylische Hommage an den zweifarbigen Schuh ist. Mit der Kombination aus Komfort und 7 cm Absatz sind sie eine hinreißende und gleichzeitig erschwingliche Ergänzung zu jeder zweifarbigen Kollektion.
One of these latest reincarnations is the offering from Högl. A chic and stylish homage to the two-tone shoe. Comfortable and featuring a 7cm heel they make a fabulous and affordable addition to any two-tone shoe collection.
I recently styled my Högl heels in two very different looks, as highlighted in the pictures. In the first outfit I teamed the two-tone shoes with a chic yet slightly edgy asymmetrical hem-lined skirt, continuing with a monochrome theme when picking my blouse and accessories. It created a modern yet sophisticated look that would be suitable for a variety of occasions.
Très chic.Füsun Lindner wears a combination of black and white with the two-toned Högl pumps
French-chic combined of an edgy asymmetrical hem-lined skirt and a white blouse with romantic volants.
Högl Pumps Chanella offer a mix of material and colour
The Högl pumps CHANELLA is a chic and stylish reincarnation of the legendary two-toned heel.
The second outfit couldn’t be more different, and shows how easily this Högl pump can be styled in a more laid back, casual look. The free and floaty nature of the blouse contrasts nicely with the minimalism and elegance of the Högl shoe. Denims are also worn with ease, and the shoe provided great comfort for this relaxed look.
Füsun Lindner trägt die zweifarbigen Högl Pumps leger zu Jeans und roter BluseChoose your outfit according to your state of mind! This day, Shortstoriesandskirts prefers casual, colourful and comfy styling partners.

To cut a long story short

Although the demands of modern life may have changed somewhat since 1957, every girl still needs a desk till dinner shoe - if not more so in this era! What could be better than a shoe that can so easily be styled up or down as seen above. They have the potential to look just as fab in chic classic combos as they do with denims!
Two-toned shoes are still the perfect 24 hour heels, that single handedly celebrate womanhood, freedom and equality, all without losing that all important feminine touch!
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