Biker boots by Högl

Golden brown elegance meets cool black

We’re enjoying the last of the golden days of autumn right now. Here’s the perfect look for an autumnal glow.

Brown tones in their full palette give an impression of cosiness, making them indispensable for the current autumn wardrobe. This look is a homage to the autumn!

One shade that is all the rage this season is ‘meerkat’. This cognac tone is reminiscent of golden brown leaves, soft caramel, baked apples and crackling flames in the fireplace. Because of its high red content, meerkat looks even warmer and cosier than other shades of brown. This shade works best of all in a coat or blazer made of high quality material. Golden brown is ideal for layering over basics in black, but can also look fabulous teamed with white, off-white or grey.

The centrepiece of this look is a meerkat-toned coat vest, as these latest coats without sleeves are called. Its style is elegant and feminine, but at the same time ultra-casual. If you get the layering right, for example with a thick roll-neck sweater, it will keep you warm, even at low temperatures. As well as golden brown tones, animal prints are also trending this autumn - and most of all, snakeskin patterns. This satin maxi skirt combines both fashion trends with subtle elegance.

Cool biker boots like these Högl ROCKSANNE ankle boots are perfect as a contrast to the feminine skirt and coat combination. The boot tops have intricate leather stitching and are adorned with a buckle, giving these cool boots a stylish appearance. A flannel lining and ridged sole provide warmth and grip on cold winter days.
A meerkat-toned coat vest with a thick turtleneck sweater and floor-length satin skirt with snake pattern combined with the cool biker boots Rocksanne by Högl
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