Balance between comfort and great look.

The autumn style challenge

Vanina Handjiyska alias “Style Inspiratrice” is a bulgarian blogger, styling expert and passionate Högl customer. She talks about the challenges of fall fashion.

Fall is my favorite season. It’s always been like that since my teen age. There is something really special of this time – not only because of my birthday in October, but the overall dynamics. This is the most productive time for me: from professional and personal point of view. I feel energized and full of ideas. The colors of the nature and the colder weather make me think creative in terms of styling. For me it is very important to find the right balance between comfort and great look.
Vanina enjoys the autumn in a tight jeans and the ankle boot Cosy by Högl
During fall, Vanina feels energized and full of ideas!

Accessories matter

I’ve always liked to say accessories make the outfit. They are those important accents that change the overall perception. You can wear a simple tee and jeans, but if you have great shoes – this creates a totally different story.

Believe in shoes

Actually, I believe in shoes (a lot)! Couple of years ago, I read an inspiring article in French magazine Marie Claire. It was about women professionals with great career and the 5 things they are particularly careful in: good pension fund, comfortable bed, great hairdresser, reliable dentist and investing in really good shoes! It looks quite simple, yet very important and sometimes - difficult to stick to.

Personally, I do believe in all of these 5 things. And I see shoes as one of my best allies: I always search for the pair that makes my daily life easier (I adore walking and get every opportunity to do so) and stylish at the same time.
Vanina geht gerne zu Fuß und trägt dabei die Högl Stiefelette Cosy

“And I see shoes as one of my best allies: I always search for the pair that makes my daily life easier (…) and stylish at the same time.”

Autumnal styling has to be learned

Last quarter of the year is a beautiful time, filled with emotions and holidays, but also – a very busy time: with deadlines, projects, meetings, etc. On top of that, it goes together with the challenging weather, sometimes very cold, windy and even snowy. That’s the time I want to stay warm and comfortable, without losing the effortless chic I love so much. Over the past years, Högl shoes have been my friend in this type of situations, helping me to find the most stylish answer to that challenge. Shoes and boots I wear in town, for my meetings, at work, during special events, when travelling to Berlin or Paris Fashion Weeks…
The ankle boots COSY nestles fluffy to the leg of Vanina
The booties COSY are fluffy and soft as they mould to your legs and provide pleasant warmth with their virgin wool lining.
I particularly appreciate shoes and boots that make me feel stable, keep warm and still enhance my silhouette, letting it look slender and fit even in the coldest days. I fell in love with these bootees COSY colour Stone, with chunky platform and satin laces. They look perfect with skinny jeans and blazer and say: Q4, I am so ready for you! <3
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