Black lace-up ankle boots by Högl

Everything points to autumn

Every autumn, Luisa Hartema reorganises the clothes and shoes in her wardrobe. Make space for cosy sweaters and boots!

Autumn may signal the end of the summer season, but to me there’s no reason to be sad, because I love the arrival of this colourful time of year. 
Luisa Hartema enjoys the late summer sun in the park
When the trees are losing their leaves and the golden autumn sun is shining through their branches, Luisa likes to go for walks.

For me, autumn is the time for the leaves to fall and rustle beneath our feet, and for the first chestnuts to be roasted. When I get back to my cosy warm apartment after a long walk in the park, I can’t help but notice that snug feeling: for me it’s definitely a feel-good moment.

As a model, I spend a lot of time outdoors, which is why I need to carefully consider which outfit will be most suitable to take me through the day. It must be cosy, weatherproof, and of course it needs to have style. When the summer comes to an end, I dig out all my autumn and winter favourites. Usually footwear comes first: ankle boots as well as tall ones.
Luisa Hartema in her black Högl bootees SOLIST enjoying her day in a park.
For Luisa, autumn is the time for ankle boots.
Luisa Hartema wearing a fringe top to her black Högl ankle boots.
An outfit usually takes Luisa through the whole day, so it has to be comfortable and practical.
Flat, high-heeled, coloured, classic black, zipped, lace-up, I’ve got them all! This year, one of my favourite designs is this black lace-up boot by Högl. With its intricate laces and ridged sole, it fits the bill as a combat boot in the current military style. But it also has a really chic and elegant side, with its slender lines and fine leather.  
Lace-up bootees from Högl in a military style

"Flat, high-heeled, coloured, classic black, zipped, lace-up, I’ve got them all! This year, one of my favourite models is this black lace-up boot by Högl."

For this look, I have snuggled up with one of my beloved long cardigans. For a cardigan to make its way into my wardrobe, it has to be soft and at least long enough to cover my bottom. Most of all, I love wearing oversized designs in muted colours such as black, brown, grey or nude tones.
Fringe coat, grey shirt, black trousers and Högl boots are a good combination
Soft and long, snuggly and warm: only cardigans that meet these requirements end up in Luisa's wardrobe.
Die schwarze Stiefelette Solist von Högl kombiniert mit dunkler Strickjacke und Jeans
Muted colours hit the spot at castings, so Luisa combines black with shades of grey.
Today I have gone for a simple black outfit with grey accents. To go with it, I’ve chosen a lipstick in a beautiful autumnal deep red. As a model, I need to wear muted colours when I go to castings, so I’m perfectly prepared for my next modelling job with this outfit.
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