Högl ankle boots for the feel-good factor

Sun-kissed and wrapped up

Not all summer clothes need to disappear back into the wardrobe just yet. Top model Luisa Hartema shows us how to wear summer outfits for an autumn look.

Slowly but surely, autumn is coming, though it has certainly taken its time this year. Little by little, we’re noticing it’s cooler in the evenings, and the sun is getting lower in the sky. After work, I love to round off my day by basking in the golden light of the evening. Almost every night, I go out and meet up with friends. We walk through the streets of Munich and love to make the most of our evenings.
German top model Luisa Hartema is enjoying the golden hour
Luisa Hartema enjoys the evening sun at Munich’s main railway station.
When I get home after work, I don’t feel like changing clothes, because I want to get out into the fresh air as quickly as possible! For the transition between summer and autumn, I’ve got a few items in my wardrobe, as well as accessories, that make my summer outfits work for cooler evenings.
Luia Hartema combines her white summer outfit with Högl bootees for fall
Luisa simply adds some accessories to warm up her summer outfit.
With baskers hat, a coat and Högl bootees you wear your summer outfit in fall.
Elegant ankle boots, a coat and a funky cap - and an outfit for cooler evenings is done.
When the weather is good, I love to wear pale colours during the day such as white, cream or champagne, which are vibrant but also look natural. For the evenings, I swap sandals for sturdier footwear, which emphasises the lightness of my look. To accompany my outfit, I’ve found the perfect pair of ankle boots at Högl. They’re made from soft calf leather and the colour is just perfect. The mauve tone coordinates beautifully with my cream culottes and really comes into its own in the golden evening sun.
Högl bootees PUBLICITY 6-104910-8400 in mauve colour with a block heel
The feminine Högl PUBLICITY ankle boot made from fine calf leather ensures feet look elegant.
Throughout autumn, I’ll certainly be wearing these ankle boots during the day for work, events, or just wandering around the city, as they’re really comfortable and, thanks to the medium block heel, are great to walk in.
For an extra layer, I’ve chosen a coat in a trendy checked pattern. It adds a little variety to this simple, feminine look. If you like contrasts like I do, you could also pick a cool baker boy hat in a coordinating colour. I love this sort of accessory with a hint of masculinity - and not just on bad hair days! ;-)
Luisa Hartema wears the Högl bootees PUBLICITY 6-104910-8400 with a white outfit, coat and bakers hat

“For the transition between summer and autumn, I’ve got a few items in my wardrobe, as well as accessories, that make my summer outfits work for cooler evenings.”

With this outfit, you’ll be perfectly prepared for a long evening stroll. So get out and enjoy the sun!
Hugs and kisses,
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