Comfort is the key to success

Comfort is the key to success

There’s no place like home - as Luisa Hartema knows well. When on the road, she always likes to take some home comforts with her.

Coming home. Shutting the door and letting your bag drop to the floor, then your jacket. Nowhere else are we as spiritually whole as when we’re at home. For home is not a postal address: home is a feeling.
Luisa enjoys it in front of her fireplace and love the time at home. She wears a cosy sweater, casual jeans and the warm ankle boot Moonwalk by Högl.
Luisa Hartema uses her time at home as time for herself. Within her four walls, she enjoys those little feel-good moments that are so important for her.

Recently, I moved to a new city because of my job. For me, it goes without saying that East Frisia will always be my true home. But I feel great in my new place, because I tried to bring along as much comfort as possible. Only people who feel truly at home can achieve their dreams and rise to the challenges of everyday life.
Luisa enjoys it on the sofa armchair with her feel-good clothes and the cuddly ankle boot Moonwalk by Högl

"Only people who feel truly at home can achieve their dreams and rise to the challenges of everyday life."

With my job, I’m often on the road, travelling to many different places. I love travelling, being in big cities, witnessing the marvels of nature, and seeing where and how people live in different cultures. But no matter how great a place is, I always long for home.

This makes it incredibly important for me to feel comfortable in myself while I’m away. I manage it, among other things, by wearing the right clothes. For travelling or evenings in the hotel, I might slip on a cosy sweater and my new favourite shoes by Högl.
The cuddly ankle boot Moonwalk with warm wool lining.
You can take comfort and ease anywhere - for example with this MOONWALK ankle boot by Högl.

These boots are called MOONWALK and they go brilliantly with my sporty casual style. With their black and white ridged shark-tooth soles and their side zips, they have an almost futuristic look. Every time I put them on and snuggle my feet into the warm virgin wool lining, a feeling of comfort and ease comes over me.
The cuddly ankle boot Moonwalk with warm wool lining.
The warm virgin wool lining provides cosy comfort.
Luisa with a cuddly sweater and a cuddly bootees by Högl
For evenings in the hotel, Luisa slips on a cosy sweater and her soft Högl boots.
For me, they’re the perfect companions, especially at this cold time of year, if I want to warm my feet during breaks on a shoot. With my feel-good moments at home and my comfortable travel companions, I try to find a healthy balance between my modelling job, travelling, my daily routine and my private life, so that I can say I’m truly ‘happy’, because I feel at ease.

Högl shoes are an ideal combination of fashion, lifestyle and comfort, making them absolutely indispensable to me.

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