Red Högl heels with lizard-skin embossing

Code Red: exotic beauty

For Laetitia, a.k.a. Missmondo, fashion is a way to express yourself. Red accents can be your symbols of strength and self-confidence.
Laetitia a.k.a. Missmondo
Laetitia, a.k.a. Missmondo, only wears clothes that suit her and reflect her personality.
I like shoes in bright colours and unusual patterns. Want to know why? Because they speak to me. I think it comes down to my desire to truly express something through my clothes. Alongside language, gestures and facial expressions, fashion is an extra tool that helps me realise my full potential.
The red Högl bag is the perfect accessoire

“Alongside language, gestures and facial expressions, fashion is an extra tool that helps me realise my full potential.”

Fashion is a means of communication I can use to accentuate, hide or disguise my state of mind at any given moment. What I'm wearing reveals who I am and how I’m feeling. Sometimes I really like to emphasise my feminine side. When I feel that way, it’s important that my look isn’t too dainty, but is also full of self-confidence. So I’ll choose a simple, feminine look and reach for expressive details that add a more sassy accent - such as shoes and bags.
In my wardrobe, you’ll find pink mules, yellow heels, purple ankle boots and high heels in various shades of red, and each shoe has its own story to tell.
The Högl bag TREASURY is the perfect partner for the Högl Pumps PRINCESS. With the red embossed leather they are true eye-catchers
Seductive duo: the matching TREASURY bag accompanies these Högl PRINCESS heels in red leather with lizard-skin embossing.
Red: for me, this is the colour of love and passion, but also of strength and power. Red heels have played a key role in several films: Olivia Newton John wore them in the final scene of the musical Grease, expressing her rebellion through them. Sharon Stone, on the other hand, turned many a man’s head in Basic Instinct with red heels, decisively shaping the Femme Fatale image.

Red heels give the wearer confidence and are an expression of strength, emancipation and independence. It’s no coincidence that Superwoman wears RED boots!
The look I’ve gone for today is based around the expressiveness of these red Högl PRINCESS heels, which simply exude aristocracy and seduction. The rest of my outfit is deliberately kept simple. The white dress with its frilly hems has a very sophisticated and feminine style, but also keeps a low profile, drawing all the attention to the shoes.
Laetitia combines red Högl Pumps and the red Högl bag to an all white dress
On the face of it: feminine and playful, while the feet are confident and seductive.
chic and feminine. Red Högl pumps turn every outfit into an highlight
Missmondo is wearing the Högl TREASURY bag in red to match the PRINCESS heels.
These Högl shoes with their ten centimetre stiletto heel ooze sex appeal while remaining eternally stylish. The leather’s lizard-skin embossing adds extra refinement. To keep the shoes company colour-wise, you could coordinate them with a bag, earrings, glasses, or other accessories! Högl also makes a matching bag: the TREASURY model, in the same flamboyant red embossed leather.
High-quality Högl pumps with red embossed leather
Exotic beauty: lizard-skin embossing takes these Högl heels to trendsetting heights.

In short: for me, red heels are the most beautiful form of non-verbal communication. Clothes can say so much and these shoes make a clear statement: come and talk to me!
Have fun wearing them,
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