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For a self-assured entrance

This outfit exudes fashion confidence and brings out your feminine silhouette.

Our look is as extrovert as it is fashionable. In addition to being on trend in feminine pink, this outfit brings together two of the summer’s fashion highlights, with the crop top and Marlene trousers combination one of this season’s hottest looks.

Crop tops are available in various lengths, styles and colours. Whether oversized, elegant and lacy, playfully ruffled or bustier-style, combined well, a crop top can be your first port of call for stylish casual and business summer outfits. Our example look shows just how a crop top can create a smart finish. Worn with high-waisted Marlene trousers, it sculpts a lovely feminine silhouette, with both the top and trousers finishing at the waist.

The crop top’s length is the deciding factor when it comes to showing any midriff. If you’re not keen on revealing any skin, go for a wide top with the Marlene trousers, emphasising your waist with a belt.

Pairing high heels with Marlene trousers, your legs will seem to go on forever. A sandal with a block heel in gleaming platinum is the perfect choice for this statement look. The light and airy summer LIGHTSHOW model makes a real impression with its open heel, elegant interplay of cream and black, and shiny metallic details.

Combination with a crop-Top, Marlene trousers and chic high top sandals with elegant interplay of cream and black, and shiny metallic details.

High-heeled Sandals: Högl


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