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A nautical summer look

With its frilly off-the-shoulder neckline and slim waist, this dress is the perfect floaty, feminine piece for the summer.

Summer dresses are ten a penny, but not all of them have what it takes to become true bestsellers. Our styling tip features a great favourite with fashion fans for the coming summer season: a mid-length, off-the-shoulder dress with a waist belt and frilly neckline. 

The frills lend the dress a touch of playful romance. They add volume and bounce to this blue striped ‘it’ piece. The off-the-shoulder design and waist belt emphasise the wearer’s femininity.

The fabrics and colours selected for the outfit create a real holiday feel: the white denim jacket, with ruffled sleeves that match the dress’s playful frills, and Högl’s denim blue VEGAS loafers come together to give this look a certain nautical charm. The unlined summer slip-ons with decorative studs add an extra helping of cool to the light, summery feel of the outfit.

Sipping on a cold drink at a harbourfront bar while wearing this dress... it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

Högl Loafer VEGAS as part of a nautical summer look

Dress: S. Oliver
Jacket: S. Oliver
Loafers: Högl

Loafer VEGAS von Högl
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