Pure summer vibes

Floral Flats

For Supermodel Alla Kostromichova, summer is a time for freedom. With her blooming summer flats, she starts dancing on the beach!

Alla genießt die mexikanische Sonne!

Summer is a time for freedom. If you can run in high heels like a model rushing around back stage - great! But most of us do not want to have upset and tired feet. And, seriously, there are so many gorgeous flat shoe types, that if you would choose to collect only flats for your summer wardrobe, you can definitely do it.

Die Högl Slingbacks mit Blumenmuster passen perfekt zum Südseefeeling.

These floral flats are perfect for your summer weekend day when you start with a lovely brunch but can end up dancing on the beach under the stars. I can definitely call them my “all day” shoes.

They also look perfect with any skirt or pants length, because of the perfect almond front shape, that makes your legs and feet look skinnier. And even on the very hot day your feet will feel comfortable and fresh in this model. In the same time it covers up toes for more elegant and chic look.

“These floral flats are perfect for your summer weekend day when you start with a lovely brunch but can end up dancing on the beach under the stars.”

It is all about mood. My attitude and behavior totally depend on the clothes I wear. And ballet variation flats always reflect a spirit of lightness. It is true, they make you feel happier and more easy going.

Die blumigen Högl Slingbacks vor dem türkisblauen Pool in Mexiko.

If you ask me about how to style these Slingpumps in a perfect lady-like way, the answer is easy. Play up the femininity of these colourful flats with some other bright accessories, for example a purse, big jewelry or a light-coloured dress. Small highlights split the attention, so people will not concentrate only on the floral shoes. This is important for ladies, who worry that flats can look too heavy and make their feet look bigger.

Högl Slingbacks L'AMOUR

If we are talking about a more official style I would combine this pair with a pants suite out of linen. Colourvise you can choose beige, blue, light yellow and even black. The shiny fabric also goes well together with a mat colour. This can be a perfect look for the summer business lunch.
Alla Kostromichova is dancing on the beach
Flowers and Flats
For this look I combined the floral flats with a big brooch. I picked yellow as it is one of the colours of the floral print. These shoes can be worn with both jeans (blue or white) pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. I know, it sounds like a perfect pair – and it truly is!

Summer is a perfect time for experiments, so dress up and start one!

Slingback L'AMOUR von Högl
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