Lost my heart in Greece

Inspired by Athen’s colours

Kristin Hesse describes her feeling while exploring the vibrant colours of Athens, a city with stunning energy.

Oh Athens, you really stole my heart!

Colours of Athens

After a long and cold winter, I couldn’t wait to be in warmer climes and enjoy the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin. 

Kristin enjoying the sun of Athens

I have to admit that I am not the kind of traveler, who plans a lot in advance, I like a city to captivate me and to let me go with its flow. There’s something magical about the moment, when you’ve just arrived in a place and then go out and explore it, and see it in a way, in which you can never see it again: for the first time and without having a plan or a clear expectation. I love new places and I love big city noise, the whirring of the traffic, the sound of people in the streets and the screeching of the swallows in the sky. What really impressed me about Athens is its energy, the positive vibe and how this city blends history and modernity so effortlessly.

And I really fell in love with its colours! 

Krsiitn walking along Athens streets in the floral Högl Pumps FAYE

When you start exploring the city, you’ll discover all sorts of vibrant colours: houses painted in dark, earthy shades, pink, blue and red, beautiful ceiling decorations, colourful flower pots, window frames and shutters. And then of course there are lots of colourful flowers, trees full of oranges and in the evening the Acropolis reflects the orange and pink evening sun. And lets not forget about the endless blue of the sky! 
Krsitin walkin along Athens streets in the floral Högl Pumps FAYE
The floral Högl Pumps FAYE
For my first day in Athens, I chose to wear an outfit, that matches the spirit and the colours of the city. The outfit is quite effortless, consisting of  a white shirt, classic, but with a twist: I love the voluminous sleeves and the structure of the fabric). I combined a cool pair of jeans which I chose to DIY ankle crop, in order to show off the best part of my outfit: those super cute block heel sandals by Högl Shoes with a romantic flower print. They perfectly pick up the colourful flowers which trail along Athens quiet side roads!

Högl Pumps FAYE
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