Azure blue loafers

Refreshing classics

This summer it’s time for some brave colour matching! Supermodel Alla Kostromichova loves to show her passion for bright colours through her footwear.

Originally men's shoes (part of the British sailor's uniform in the early 1900s), the loafer got a revamp just 30 years ago when designers came up with a version for women.

The classic snaffle loafer became the favourite shoe for men and women alike for its smart, stylish look and maximum comfort. Over the years, loafers have become incredibly diverse, coming in a variety of styles, fabrics, and design solutions and in an array of different colours.

Alla with blue loafers in a floral location

They work with any skirt length and there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for that feminine look. Because even if loafers initially have a masculine edge, they emphasise the beauty of women's feet, bringing out their delicacy.

Finding the right pair of loafers to match your style may not seem an easy task, but investing in a good pair will do wonders for your look. Loafers are classics that never go out of fashion and are sure to last you many Seasons.
Model Alla with a cool denim short, white blouse and matching blue loafer
Combination with white blouse, jeans shorts and the blue Högl loafers
Looking to summer, why not update your wardrobe with a pair of bright suede loafers? They look great combined with denim shorts and a white oversized shirt, and you can complement the outfit with a stylish hat and bag.
Model Alla with a cool denim short, white blouse and matching blue loafers

“Loafers are classics that never go out of fashion and are sure to last you many seasons.”


Matched with a white chiffon dress, or a dress made of some other floaty fabric, these loafers are the perfect addition to a romantic look. Then opt for some massive yellow-gold jewellery (to match colour of the buckle) to finish the outfit.

For leisure days, put on your favourite pair of dark skinny jeans, add a white T-shirt, pop a leather jacket around your shoulders and complete the look with a pair of bright loafers. Too simple? For a more stand-out outfit, replace the jeans with a pleated skirt, keep the top plain and choose your favorite trench-coat, rounding your wow outfit off with the these loafers.

blue loafers on the sandy beach

If it’s an office day, try the loafers with a classic trouser suit. Choose trousers that come to above the ankle, keeping the silhouette of the shoe and its detailing is clearly visible. For a very formal occasion, a knee-length skirt with a silk blouse will perfectly match these colourful loafers.

Summer is a time for experimentation and brave colour matching. Going for shoes with different colours and patterns is definitely key to turning those heads.

Model Alla poses with her outfit and the blue loafers

These loafers are the perfect summer shoes for those who like their feet to stay covered. Soft and cosy, they hug your feet, ready for an all-day adventure. They’re an ideal pair of shoes for multitasking women who want to look self-assured, presentable and stylish.
Loafer im schönen Azurblau
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