Christmas Dinner

Honouring the employees

The traditional Christmas party and honouring of the employees of the LORENZ Shoe Group and its 3 brands HÖGL, GANTER and HASSIA took place in the impressive ambience of the Schärdinger Kubinsaal. 

Following a punch reception, CEO Joseph Lorenz was able to welcome not only the almost fully represented Taufkirchen workforce, but also Robert Lee, Vice President Sales, from Shanghai and the management team of the main production plant in Martfü, Hungary. He thanked the management, the works council and all employees "for the demanding, but committed support". The two group CEOs, Patrick Lorenz and Gerhard Bachmaier, also thanked all employees and especially the anniversaries. The group can look back on a positive year 2017, with an increase in sales and a successful result. A mourning minute was held for the former company doctor Dietmar Vogl, who just passed away.  

Musically, the festive event was accompanied by the trio "Haute Couture" with gentle and sensual rhythms. Another highlight of the evening was the show performance of the "Andorfer Jugglers", who astonished everyone.

460 years of corporate loyalty 

In the foreground, however, was the honouring of the long-standing employees. These were awarded for 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 and even 45 years of corporate loyalty and thus for a total of 460 years of employment. This confirms the long-term consistency and mutually valued values of a good corporate culture. Four loyal employees were sent into their well-deserved retirement.    
Honoring 10, 20 and 25 years: Weinberger Kurt, Baumgartner Katharina, Schauer Gabi, Huber Emöke, Grill Daniela and Schustereder Verena (not in the image) with the executive board and members of the work council.

Honoring 30 and 35 years: Huemer Gerhard, Strasser Berthold, Indinger Gerhard, Nowak-Auzinger Doris, Ettinger Roswitha, Klugsberger Christine, Wallner Rudolf, Jobst Richard, Sommergruber Alfred and Weber Ernestine (not in the image) with the executive board and members of the work council.
Kriegner Franz, 45 years in the Lorenz Shoe Group, together with the  Joseph and Patrick Loren from the executive board.

Proud of the next generation

The Lorenz Shoe Group promotes especially young employees and is proud that in 2017 all apprentices have passed their apprenticeship with excellent marks.

The motivateda apprentice Penzinger Maximilian, Gahbauer Florian and Ehrenfellner Anna are celebrating togehter with the executive board, the head of human resource Franz Richard and Kathrin Grillneder (presonal recruit) their successfull apprenticeship

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