HÖGL Bloggercamp

Fashion bloggers love HÖGL

International fashion bloggers head to the glorious Kitzbühel mountains to shoot the latest trends for the next autumn/winter season.


With the sun shining and the last of the snow shimmering on the peaks, cheerful bloggers from Germany, Austria and Russia enjoyed the breathtaking mountain panorama in the hotspot that is the Tyrolean Alps...

The very first international HÖGL Blogger Camp was devoted to the new Kitzbühel edition that will delight HÖGL customers in the upcoming 2017/18 autumn/winter season.

Bloggers: the influencers of our age 

Kitzbühel tourism director Dr Brigitte Schlögl and HÖGL CEO Dr Gerhard Bachmaier were clearly delighted by the event. "Bloggers are the new influencers in the fashion and travel sectors and, most importantly, are real opinion leaders among the younger generation. They provide an opportunity to promote locations, holiday destinations and fashion trends in a unique way," said Bachmaier, who is focusing increasingly on blogger collaborations at HÖGL.

Get inspired by the holiday atmosphere and the first snapshots taken during the Blogger Camps...
At HÖGL, we are sure that winter will return soon enough - and we honestly can’t wait!
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