Högl at Vienna Fashion Week

Edith Agay’s fashion show - with shoes by Högl

The Austrian capital held its eleventh prestigious MQ Vienna Fashion Week, so of course, Högl had to be there!
Every year, MQ Vienna Fashion Week draws crowds of fashion enthusiasts, professionals and press from home and abroad to the MuseumsQuartier, where it showcases the latest collections from a selection of talented designers.
A particular highlight this year was MQ Fashion Night on Wednesday 11th September, when scores of notable designers sent their creations down the runway in the Kunsthalle, one of Vienna’s leading contemporary art spaces. Edith Agay from Hungary was one of the chosen few and invited attendees to bask in the shimmering world of her designs. By dressing her models in handpicked Högl footwear, her distinctive creations were completed.
The models are wearing Edith Agay und Högl shoes, for example the sneaker Glammy at  Vienna Fashion Week.
Edith Agay’s metallic designs are smart, but still playful and feminine.
The model is wearing an outfit from Edith Agay and the sneaker Glammy by Högl.
The designer pairs her glittery outfits with Högl sneakers for an innovative, but wearable look.
Edith Agay views fashion as architecture for the body. Her passion for geometry shines through in her strong silhouettes, but any harshness is offset by playful feminine elements. Despite their extravagant appearance and experimental shaping, her clothes are at once innovative and wearable.
The models are wearing the Högl ankle boots Deluxe and Excellence.Högl’s DELUXE and EXCELLENCE ankle boots are the perfect match for Agay’s beautifully silky gold dresses, which shine in both midi and floor-length designs.
Not only are her pieces undeniably modern, feminine and style-conscious, they’re also made of the highest quality materials with the utmost attention to detail; in this respect, Agay’s masterpieces embody the same values that go into every Högl shoe!  The shoe designs modelled on the catwalk are available in Högl stores and online.
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