Högl Design competition for editorial shoot

Young designers getting creative for Högl

Students at the Hetzendorf Fashion School are designing outfits for Högl’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection editorial shoot.

For the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection campaign, Högl has enlisted the help of the Hetzendorf Fashion School, one of the most prestigious creative centres for artistic craftsmanship in Austria. The forthcoming campaign shoot will focus on Högl’s roots in culture and tradition. The young designers will be showcasing this concept in the mood of their outfits.
As part of the collaboration with Högl, the fashion school ran an internal design competition. Students in their fourth year designed outfits for this season’s editorial shoot. They developed looks around the theme of ‘Be your own muse’ and Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings ‘The Kiss’, ‘Judith and Holofernes’ and ‘Portrait of Emilie Flöge’. They made use of sumptuous prints and velvets.
The Jury: Tanja Thurner, Birgit Schlotterbeck, Yella Hassel, Andrea Kirchner.
© Hetzendorf Fashion School.
Thrilled by all the young designers’ entries, the jury had to choose three designs that would go on to be made. (From left to right: Tanja Thurner, Birgit Schlotterbeck, Yella Hassel and Andrea Kirchner)

The jury consisted of Yella Hassel (project manager and teacher at the Hetzendorf Fashion School), Tanja Thurner (Högl’s Marketing Director) and Birgit Schlotterbeck (freelance stylist). From a huge number of designs, they chose three winning outfits which will now go into production. “We were overwhelmed by the quality of the designs and the practically boundless creativity which shone through from their sketches. Some of these fashion students have the potential to become really big names,’ said Birgit Schlotterbeck, an authority on the international fashion world.

Design 1: Wirat Tengchiang

A Design by Wirat Tenchiang.
© Wirat Tenchiang
This design is an asymmetric velvet coat over wide, flared trousers and a single-sleeved top.
Wirat Tenchiang at the school`s workshop.
© Wirat Tenchiang
Wirat Tengchiang at work in Hetzendorf Fashion School’s workshop, making his design a reality.

Design 2: Yolanda Quan 

The first design by Yolanda Quan.
© Yolanda Quan
This student focussed her studies on knitwear design, and designed two lavish outfits...
The second design by Yolanda Quan.
© Yolanda Quan
...which are now being made up, primarily in knitted fabric.

Design 3: Lena Ruan

The designs by Lena Ruan.
© Lena Ruan
Black and white feature heavily in Lena Ruan’s drawings. Experimenting with symmetry and fabrics has resulted in two looks embodying Art Nouveau.
Lena Ruan selecting fabrics for her design.
© Lena Ruan
Fabrics have been selected; they now need to be cut into shape.
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