On Safari in Austria

Join Högl on the trail of baby giraffes and monkeys

The new fashions are not the only thing enchanting us this spring: there’s also a whole host of newborn baby animals to fall in love with. Join us on a safari through Austria’s best animal parks, as we meet their newest arrivals.  

Baby giraffe in Upper Austria

Nabo the baby giraffe was born six months ago at Im Schmidinger Zoo, not far from the headquarters of Högl Shoe Fashion GmbH, and he now has a little half-sister too. You can visit the two baby giraffes at any time; thanks to the mild winter, the grounds of the zoo have been open since mid-February.

babyk giraffe in Zoo Schmiding
© Zoo Schmiding

Baby monkey in Vienna

There’s also been a new arrival at Schönbrunn Zoo. Togo, the baby black-and-white colobus monkey, was born at the beginning of March. His mother, Kwaku, gave birth to her first baby in December 2016. Togo is her second, weighing in at around 400 grams. The difference in colouring between mother and baby may seem surprising, but all colobus monkeys are actually born with white fur and black mask-like markings around their eyes. Their fur turns black and shiny when they are about three months old.

White baby monkey with it's mother in the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna
© Tiergarten Schönbrunn/Norbert Potensky

Lion princess in Styria

Amira the lioness has arrived at Herberstein Zoo. The young lioness was born at Plzeň Zoo in September 2016, and brings some girl power to the male-dominated Berber lion enclosure at Herberstein. It’s hoped that the big cats will get on well together and that we can look forward to seeing more new arrivals in the near future.

Lion baby in the Herberstein Zoo in Austria
© Tierwelt Herberstein

Young arctic wolves at Salzburg Zoo

Two male arctic wolves from Knuthenborg Safari Park in Denmark and a female from Johannismühle Wildlife Park in Germany have found a new home at Salzburg Zoo. It’s hoped they might start breeding once they get settled in.  
White Polar Wolfe
© ZooSBG Friedrich Mader
Polarwolfe in Zoo Salzburg
© ZooSBG Lisa Serno

Let’s go wild!

Whether you’re visiting one of Austria’s zoos or journeying to distant countries to see exotic animals in the wild: in Högl shoes, not only will you look fabulous, you’ll also be very well equipped for long walks and safari trips.
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