Healthier and better food

Start the new year with good intentions

Join us on a trip to the Naschmarkt in Vienna’s 6th district, Mariahilf, with its regional and exotic diversity. The market mainly trades in fruit, vegetables, baked goods, fish and meat – inspiration for all sorts of healthy and tasty recipes to help you keep to your New Year’s resolutions.

Der Naschmarkt in Wien ist so wie Högl Tradition
© Marktamtsmuseum

From Kärtnertormarkt to Naschmarkt

From 1780 onwards, on the right bank of the then unregulated Wien River, there was a farmers’ market located outside the city walls. It mostly sold dairy products. In 1793, it was decreed that all fruit and vegetables delivered to the city in wagons must be sold at the ‘Kärntnertormarkt’. All fruit arriving by boat on the Vienna branch of the Danube (now called the Danube Canal) was to be traded on the ‘Schanzelmarkt’, which stood on the bank of the Danube until around 1900. From around 1820, the market came to be known as the ‘Naschmarkt’ (‘sweet market’). It got its name from the sweets and other sugary treats it sold – some of which were very exotic, such as candied orange peel and dates. 

Starten Sie gesund ins neue Jahr mit Högl am Naschmarkt Wien
© Hackner

A feast for the senses

The market is still famous for its range of international produce from Greece, Turkey and the countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as increasingly from East Asia (particularly Japan and China). Parts of the market have evolved into groups of shops selling similar produce. At the end closest to the city centre, near the Secession, you will find several fishmongers and, in the first third of the market, a number of Asian shops. For years now, the market has also boasted a wide range of restaurants that remain open till 11pm. Most of the stalls are open on weekdays from 6am until 7.30pm, and on Saturdays until 6pm.

Farbenfrohes Gemüse und Obst mit Högl am Naschmarkt in Wien entdecken
© Hackner

Shopping in style

No trip to the Naschmarkt is complete without the right footwear. With Högl’s comfy new sneakers, the exotic fruits won’t be the only things turning heads! Enjoy the quintessentially Viennese atmosphere and the fantastic selection of fresh produce!  

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