Spring awakening

A fleet-footed climb

Explore Austria’s most beautiful castles and palaces with Högl 

Spring fever is upon us: we’re impatient to see the first green shoots of the new season. And Austria’s castles and palaces are getting into the spring spirit too, as they prepare to re-open their doors in March. Come with us on a trip to some of the country’s most beautiful buildings:

Mit Högl auf die schönsten Burgen und Schlösser Österreichs
© Salzburg Castles and Palaces

For lovers of culture

Marvel at the largest fully-preserved castle in central Europe, right in the centre of Salzburg. Since the 11th century, Fortress Hohensalzburg has towered over the city, clearly visibly from every direction. 

Mit Högl auf die schönsten Burgen und Schlösser Österreichs
Fortress Salzburg, © Salzburg Castles and Palaces

For animal lovers

Not far from Salzburg is Hohenwerfen Castle, perched high on a 155-metre rocky peak overlooking the town of Werfen. The bird of prey displays here are particularly impressive. At the end of April there is even a special falconry programme, with the spectacular performances of the falcons, kites, bald eagles and griffon vultures accompanied by fanfare trumpeters. 

Mit Högl auf die schönsten Burgen und Schlösser Österreichs
Mit Högl auf die schönsten Burgen und Schlösser Österreichs

Hohenwerfen Castle, © Salzburg Castles and Palaces

For treasure hunters

Forchtenstein Castle has stood in beautiful Burgenland since the 15th century. The colourful murals in the inner courtyard, which are some of the largest of their kind north of the Alps, are especially worth seeing. The castle belongs to the Esterházy family and is also known as the “Esterházy Treasury”. Family valuables, military loot and baroque objects are all stored and displayed in the treasure chamber. 


For history lovers 

Riegersburg castle has been perched on top of a dormant volcano since 1138. A lovely path leads from the village up to the castle, passing several castle gates. Alternatively, you can travel up the hill in comfort on the funicular. Particularly interesting are the stories of two women – Katharina von Galler, the lady of the castle, and her servant – who were both suspected of witchcraft. You can find out all about them in the Witches Museum. 


Mit Högl auf die schönsten Burgen und Schlösser Österreichs
© Riegersburg Castle

For conquerors

Hochosterwitz Castle had a reputation for being impregnable, thanks to its 14 castle gates. Enemies had to fight their way through one gate after another whilst being attacked from all sides. The climb up to the castle passes through these 14 gates, all of which are of historical interest. You can also take the funicular to the top. 


For music lovers

Esterházy Palace is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria, and is also home to a variety of fascinating exhibitions. You can view the princess’s apartment, the biggest wine museum in Austria and a permanent exhibition on Joseph Haydn, who composed many of his works in the palace’s historic ballroom. 


Golden views

We can guarantee an easy, fleet-footed climb up to one of Austria’s castles in our golden sneakers:



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