Original or fake?

Let’s find out

Looking for art, culture, and history? Vienna has everything you could possibly need. From interesting copies at the Museum of Art Fakes to works of high artistic value at the Kunsthistorisches Museum; from music at the Haus der Musik to the beautiful aromas of the Kaffeemuseum, Vienna’s exhibitions really draw in the crowds with their impressive, unusual collections.  

Everything at the Museum of Art Fakes is forged

Rembrandt, Raphael, Marc Chagall... all of them hang on its walls. It’s just that none of the works on show are the real deal. The Museum of Art Fakes in Vienna’s 3rd district presents the most amusing and spectacular cases of art forgery in history.  Visitors are also shown the small yet significant differences between the original and the forgery. Worth bearing in mind for when you buy your next work of art ;)
Besuchen Sie das Fälschermuseum in Wien.
Museum of Art Fakes in Vienna © Museum of Art Fakes
Original oder Fälschung? Genießen Sie den Aufenthalt im Fälschermusem in Högl Schuhen
Museum of Art Fakes in Vienna © Museum of Art Fakes

Originals guaranteed at the Kunsthistorisches Museum 

After your visit to the Museum of Art Fakes, show off what you’ve learned at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Built to satisfy the art-loving Emperor’s passion for collecting, it houses works from Rubens and Rembrandt to Albrecht Dürer and Titian. 

Once a month, the Museum’s Cupola Hall is transformed into a spectacular cocktail bar with sought-after DJs. Sipping on a cool cocktail in one of the largest galleries in the world: there’s virtually no better way to appreciate art.
Das Kunsthistorische Museum ist ein architektonisches Highlight - entdecken sie es in Högl Schuhen
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna © KHM Museum Association
Kunst an der Wand - Kunst an den Füßen von Högl
Gallery © KHM-Museumsverband

Experience music at the Haus der Musik

Let’s move on to music at the Haus der Musik. Right at the heart of the city, it sees itself not as a museum in the traditional sense, but rather as a world of experiences and new, surprising approaches to music, sound, and acoustics. Joining in is greatly encouraged!
Werden Sie zur Dirigentin im Haus der Musik.
Virtual conductor © Inge Prader
Genießen Sie klassische Musik in Högl Schuhen.
Haydn, Haus der Musik © Inge Prader

The perfect blend at Vienna’s Kaffeemuseum

The practice of whiling away the hours in a cafe with a newspaper and a cup of Wiener Melange (a small espresso with creamy steamed milk topped with foam) has reached cult status in Vienna. In 2011, Viennese coffee house culture was added to the official UNESCO cultural heritage list. 

The city’s Kaffeemuseum is dedicated to this fascination with coffee, from bean to cup. A 90-minute tour teaches you all there is to know about Vienna’s favourite beverage. And at the end of your visit, there’s plenty of time to try a Viennese coffee speciality in the museum cafe’s charming surroundings.

Genießen Sie einen Kaffee im Kaffeemuseum Wien und brillieren sie mit Högl Schuhen.
The Kaffeemuseum in Vienna © Kaffeemuseum in Vienna

Which HÖGL style is your favourite work of art? Show us your favourite on Instagram using the hashtag #hogllove.
Elegant, etwas rockig und vor allem bequem. Die Pumps von Högl
Schlichte Damen-Stiefelette aus Glattleder und verspielten Details mit Nieten von Högl
Glattleder und goldene Details verzieren die praktisch schicke Stiefelette von Högl
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