Oases in the heart of Vienna

Vienna’s most beautiful parks and green spaces

What gives Högl’s home city such a good quality of life? It’s almost the greenest city you’ll ever find!

For over 80 years, Högl has symbolised the quality shoe trade in Austria; a small country with a big history. This cultural heritage of craftmanship in shoe manufacturing has been lovingly nurtured over several generations. Although we are one of Europe’s leading quality shoe manufacturers, we have never forgotten our roots. Our rich culture of traditional values has lived on in our products for decades and has thus spread across the globe. 

The central theme for the coming Autumn/Winter 2019 season focuses on our roots in culture and tradition. Högl designers have created an original collection inspired by the greatest Austrian artists and treasures. Many of them are on display in Vienna, the home of Högl. This magnificent imperial city and international cultural capital enchants its visitors with its rich traditions and  
majestic charm.

Vienna is the city with the best quality of life in the world and it is the many green areas in particular that make it so liveable and loveable. On our first tour through Vienna, we introduce you to famous and hidden places which invite you to enjoy the sunshine and guarantee a refreshing break away from hectic, everyday life.

Augarten, the oldest baroque gardens in Vienna

The Augarten is located at the heart of where the Viennese live, where they play sport, go for a walk or just chat. On the border between the districts of Leopoldstadt and Brigittenau, this wonderful city oasis can be seen from far away, thanks to the high flak tower. Once there, you will be amazed by the wonderful symmetry and magnificent blaze of colours in more than 120 acres of grounds.  The paths are lined with shady chestnut, lime, ash and maple trees. Whether out for a sociable stroll, sunbathing on the large lawns or enjoying some peace and quiet on a shaded bench, the Augarten is an enchanting place with plenty of opportunities for well-deserved relaxation.
Der imposante 55-Meter hohe Flakturm.
© WienTourismus Paul Bauer
In the middle of Vienna's Augarten, the 55 metre flak tower rises high into the sky. A relic of the Third Reich, it’s a must on the sightseeing list for anyone visiting Vienna.

Stadtpark – a chance to relax amongst art and history.

The world-famous Vienna Stadtpark (City Park) extends from the Parkring to the Heumarkt (Haymarket) and invites you to relax within its 16 acres. Monuments and sculptures abound in this Viennese park, famous for the gilded memorial to Johann Strauss and the Wienflussportal (Vienna river portal), which are some of the most photographed tourist attractions in the world. Green meadows, areas of exotic trees in bloom and a sprawling pond make the Stadtpark a green oasis in the city centre and a colourful meeting place for young and old, tourists and locals, students and workers enjoying their lunch break on a park bench.
Die Wienflussverbauung inmitten des Wiener Stadtparks.
© WienTourismus Peter Rigaud
The Wienflussverbauung construction in the Stadtpark is a masterpiece of Viennese architecture from the turn of the century.

Volksgarten and Burggarten – a tropical oasis in the urban jungle

Relax and unwind, indulge in culinary delights and enjoy the sunshine in an imperial-style park. Situated centrally, on the ring road, the Volksgarten delights with its imposing statues and carefully designed English-style gardens with an impressive collection of roses. A few steps away in the famous Burggarten is one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau conservatories in the world: the Palmenhaus. This tropical oasis is home to hundreds of exotic butterflies in the butterfly house and an atmospheric cafe set in wonderful surroundings. The perfect place for a quick rest during a vigorous city break.
Das Palmenhaus.
© WienTourismus Peter Rigaud
The middle section of the Palmenhaus is used as a restaurant, the left wing as the butterfly house and the right wing serves as a greenhouse for the Austrian national gardens.
Der Rosengarten im Volksgarten.
© WienTourismus Christian Stemper
In the Volksgarten you’ll find a rose garden with more than 3,000 rose bushes in more than 200 varieties.

Sternwartenpark (Observatory Park) – a somewhat unknown and mystical place

City life can make you long for rest and relaxation, so finding these hidden-away spots is all the more joyful. Let us whisk you away to an (almost) secret oasis: the Sternwartenpark. Those who find this beautiful spot in the 18th District are carried away to another world. Compared to the tidy baroque gardens in the city, it is wild and bewitching. Little secret paths, fallen tree trunks covered in ivy and abandoned buildings are waiting to be discovered and provide superb opportunities for amateur photographers.
Der Sternwartenpark.© Jobst/PID
Enchanted, overgrown, wild: the park in Vienna’s 18th District is home to more than 100 species of plants and trees.
Die Universitätssternwarte.
© Jobst/PID
The Sternwartenpark – a magical place with a past. Located in the centre, you can visit the university observatory for free.

Setagaya park – far-eastern magic

Japan-born garden designer Ken Nakajima has put together some visual treats for the Viennese and all sightseers. The paths wend and wind through the colourful and varied fauna in this acre of traditional Japanese garden. The garden is sprinkled with typically characteristic symbols of a Japanese garden: bubbling springs, little waterfalls, ponds of water lilies, romantic bridges and Asian plants. And the park turns magnificently pink when the cherry blossom blooms - a unique spectacle in Vienna.
Fernöstlicher Zauber im Setagayapark.
© MA 42
Turtles, ducks and fish can be found in the Setagaya park pond in Vienna’s Döbling District.

Türkenschanzpark – activity first, then relaxation

The 37-acre Türkenschanzpark lies just outside the city and so is not a typical tourist destination. Locals mainly take advantage of the huge green spaces to pursue leisure activities. Every day, hundreds of young people and adults are drawn to the beach volleyball, football, basketball and skating facilities. For those seeking tranquillity, the park also has several lawns with shade-giving trees, waterfalls, a duck feeding station and a dog park.
Der Skatepark im Türkenschanzpark.
© Kromus / PID
The skate park in Türkenschanzpark is an absolute paradise for skaters.
Kleine Wasserfälle im Türkenschanzpark.
© Ing. Harald Ebner
Idyllic waterfalls invite you to forget the stresses and strains of daily life and to relax and unwind.
In 2019, Vienna was named the most liveable city in the world for the tenth time. The many beautiful city parks contribute to a sense of well-being and create a high quality of life. Quality and a sense of well-being have also been synonymous with the Högl brand for decades. If you’re planning a trip to these wonderful city oases in the heart of Vienna, then it is best to wear shoes you feel good in, that emphasise your personality and give you a unique feeling of comfort.

Sporty, confident and stylish: Högl’s feminine dad sneakers and platform sneakers.
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