Prince Eugene's Baroque legacy

Belvedere and Schloss Hof

Visitors to Vienna cannot fail to be enchanted by the city’s flair and its unique imperial history.

Captivating visitors with its rich tradition and imperial charm, Vienna, the home of Högl, is an international centre of culture with 27 castles, 150 palaces and 300 museums and collections. Follow us on a tour of a bygone era to the magnificent Baroque palaces Belvedere and Schloss Hof. The latter was the impressive setting for the photoshoot for Högl’s 2019 autumn/winter campaign and is a real treat for lovers of Baroque architecture.

Belvedere - a Baroque jewel

Belvedere was built at the beginning of the 18th century by the famous Baroque architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Maria Theresa purchased Belvedere after the prince’s death and it is now home to the largest Austrian art collection covering the period from the Middle Ages to the present day. The Baroque park with its two palaces is a unique blend of architecture and art and has long been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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As well as being a magnificent Baroque castle, Belvedere is also home to one of the most valuable art collections in Austria featuring major works by Gustav Klimt.


Upper Belvedere was completed in 1723 and is now the most visited art museum in Austria, with highlights being works by Klimt, Schiele, Funke, Monet and van Gogh. The art collection is built around 24 paintings by Gustav Klimt with his golden paintings "The Kiss" and "Judith". "The Kiss" is one of Klimt’s most famous works. Measuring 180 x 180 cm, it was painted in 1908-09 and portrays Klimt and his companion Emilie Flöge as lovers.

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After its completion in 1723, Upper Belvedere was initially the imperial summer residence and was mainly used for official purposes such as the signing of the Austrian State Treaty.
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Today, the main building houses the world's largest Klimt collection, including the famous painting "Der Kuss".

Schloss Hof - the summer residence of Prince Eugene

The largest of the six Marchfeld castles, Schloss Hof is located to the east of Vienna, in Schloßhof near the Slovakian border. The glorious estate consists of the two-storey castle, the gardens and the estate farm and was a magnificent backdrop for the photoshoot for Högl’s 2019 autumn/winter campaign.

Prince Eugene of Savoy purchased the estate in 1725 and turned it into a prestigious country residence. Where his Highness was once to be found recuperating between battles, visitors can now immerse themselves in this fascinating Baroque world. An expansive stroll from the staterooms and living quarters to the underground cellars reveals the palace’s changing history.

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The grounds of Schloss Hof in eastern Lower Austria cover more than 70 hectares. 

Schloss Hof is surrounded by imposing Baroque gardens featuring steps, fountains and statues and extending over seven terraces. The seventh and last terrace was the finishing touch to this work of art as a whole, with the two Baroque orangeries and adjacent gardens showcasing the prince’s passion for collecting plants and gardening. After 15 years of painstakingly detailed reconstruction, the Baroque gardens have been returned to their former glory and visitors can now see them as they were in the 18th century. 

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The garden paradise was laid out in the French style. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the gardens increasingly fell into disrepair, but since then the individual terrace areas have gradually been restored.
A carefully designed array of sculptures pays homage to former owner Prince Eugene. The sphinx in the palace grounds was an iconic location for the Högl shoot.

The magnificent gardens are now among the most important in Europe, where you can surround yourself with the estate’s beauty and splendour while you explore its many paths. With 7 terraces covering 16 hectares filled with mythological sculptures, 35,000 seasonal flowers, the Great Cascade and other fountains, a secret labyrinth and a maze with a viewing platform, this is the perfect place to slow down and smell the roses, 364 days a year.

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In terms of size and craftsmanship, the "Great Cascade" Baroque fountain is on a par with those at Versailles, with around 200 cubic meters of water circulating every hour.
The combined surface area of the two pools and the waterfall itself covers more than 600 square meters of water. Ilvie Wittek modelled the new waterproof Gore-Tex ® range for the campaign.

If you’re tracing Austria’s cultural heritage, then you need shoes that are fit for the sumptuous setting of these Baroque jewels. The pumps and ankle boots in the latest Högl collection feature an ornamental floral design inspired by Klimt that reflects the charm of the Art Nouveau. 

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