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Sailing and windsurfing to rival the Mediterranean

Do you need to travel far south for sailing and windsurfing? Not at all! Austria's lakes are perfect for outdoor-loving water sports enthusiasts.

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...A final check of the mast, hard to starboard, untie the ropes, and the boat casts off. A stiff breeze is blowing on the sails and there’s a growing sense of freedom and happiness as you cross the water.
Does this make you think of a boat trip in the southern Mediterranean off the coast of Sardinia, or along the picturesque Amalfi Coast? It’s time to breathe fresh life into those preconceptions. You don’t need to travel far south for that almost surreal but beautiful combination of sky, sea and rugged cliffs. Austria, the home of Högl, is also home to a huge number of lakes that characterise its diverse landscape. The crystal-clear waters surrounded by stunning countryside and majestic peaks are just waiting to be discovered for sailing and windsurfing.

Vorarlberg - Lake Constance

This mountainous province in western Austria has the only lake which crosses Austria’s borders and stretches as far as Germany and Switzerland. Lake Constance has a total area of 536 km² and is home to many prestigious sailing and windsurfing schools, offering everything under the sun in water sports. Founded in 1972 and officially the oldest windsurfing school in the world, ‘Der Surf Bauch’ is on the German side of the lake, in Konstanz itself.  
© Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH; Fotograf: Achim Mende
Three countries share Lake Constance and the area around it: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
© Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH; Fotograf: Achim Mende
When a Föhn or a strong westerly wind blows, you can sail, windsurf and kitesurf on designated sections of Lake Constance.

 Tyrol – Lake Achen

Achensee or Lake Achen, affectionately called the ‘Tyrolean Sea’, barely 9 km long and with optimal wind conditions, is the perfect location to indulge your passion for water sports. It is surrounded by a superb mountainous backdrop and its water is crystal clear. Because of the lake’s extreme depth (133 metres), the water temperature remains below 20°C all year round. If you’re not deterred by the cool water, Wassersportzentrum Achensee (Lake Achen Water Sports Centre) offers a wide variety of courses and activities involving windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and sailing.
© Aachensee Tourismus
Lake Achen boasts excellent water quality (close to drinking water standards) and has up to 10 metres visibility under water. Sailors and windsurfers will find perfect wind conditions there.

 The Salzburg area – Lake Wolfgang, Flachgauer Lake District and Lake Zell

The Salzburg area has several popular lakes and their proximity to the city of Salzburg makes them particularly attractive. Wolfgangsee or Lake Wolfgang, the largest and deepest lake in the Salzburg region, is a very popular and well-known sailing area rich in tradition. All over the lake, there are historic boats which can be admired not only from land, but also from on board one of the many excursion boats.
© STMG- Christian Parzer
Lake Wolfgang, at 13 km², is one of the largest and best-known lakes in the Salzkammergut region. In summer, the romantic landscape attracts many sailors and also water skiers.

The Flachgauer Seenplatte (Flachgauer Lake District) is a playground for anyone keen on windsurfing or yachting. In particular, the warm Wallersee (Lake Waller) and the Trumer Lakes offer ideal conditions, with the latter often having perfect west winds.
© Stadt Neumarkt am Wallersee / Salzburger Seenland Tourismus
The prevailing east wind in spring and autumn at Lake Waller is especially appreciated by sailors and windsurfers.
The Zeller See (Lake Zell) has particularly attractive scenery but is a few degrees cooler. It is surrounded by mountains and offers a panoramic view of the Kitzsteinhorn’s permanent glacial ice. There is plenty of fun to be had on the water here; it is an exceptional lake for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing!
© Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus - http://zellamsee-kaprun.com
In the summertime, swimming, sailing and windsurfing is not to be missed on Lake Zell. From the middle of the glacial lake you get an unrivalled view of the countryside and mountains.

Upper Austria – Lake Atter, Lake Mondsee and Lake Traunsee

Attersee (Lake Atter) is the largest lake that is wholly in Austria, at 46.2 km². Sailing and windsurfing are very popular on the turquoise-blue waters of Lake Atter and the neighbouring Lakes Mondsee and Traunsee. There is a total ban on motor boats with combustion engines during the sailing season in the months of July and August. Famous among sailors on Lake Atter and frequently accompanying sunny weather, the ‘rose wind’ is a steady, warm north wind.
© OÖTourismus-Erber
Due to extremely good visibility of up to 25 metres, particularly in the autumn, Lake Atter’s turquoise-blue waters also make it a popular spot for diving.

Carinthia (Kärnten) – Lake Faak, Lake Millstatt, Lake Ossiach and Lake Wörthersee

Because Carinthia is located on the southern side of the Alps, the crystal-clear water that collects and forms lakes in valleys receives the full benefit of the sun’s rays in the summer. This makes the Carinthian Lakes among the warmest in the entire Alpine region. Best known are the Faaker See (Lake Faak, 2.2 km²), Millstätter See (Lake Millstatt, 13.28 km²), Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach, 10.79 km²) and Lake Wörthersee (19.39 km²). Lake Wörthersee is the largest and also the warmest lake in Carinthia. Anyone with a passion for boating and windsurfing will find what they are looking for on the shores of the Carinthian lakes, and people seeking peace and relaxation will find a natural picturesque idyll there too.
© Kärnten Werbung, Fotograf: Franz Gerdl
There are three islands in the middle of Lake Wörthersee that can only be reached by boat. Because of its idyllic beauty, Lake Wörthersee has also frequently been used as a location for films and TV.

Burgenland – Lake Neusiedl

Neusiedler See, or Lake Neusiedl, is the largest steppe lake in central Europe and straddles the Austrian-Hungarian border. As it has no outlet, unique fauna and flora have developed and the lake has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. At its deepest point, Lake Neusiedl measures only 1 – 2 metres, so it is warmed by the air temperature on hot days and can reach up to 30°C. Thanks to its mild but windy climate, it’s a paradise for all kinds of water sport enthusiasts.
©NTG/Martin Reiter
Lake Neusiedl is surrounded by reeds, which are home to rare species of animals. Sailors and windsurfers appreciate its mild climate and the strong year-round winds.
With the first hint of spring, the lakes turn into an El Dorado for sailors, windsurfers and those who want to take advantage of the first rays of sunshine to relax and unwind on the shores. So it’s just the right time to prepare for spring to blossom with the perfect shoes!

Wherever the winds may take you this year, our Högl shoes will ensure you leave fashionable footprints and a lasting impression. We hope you have a fabulous, unforgettable time!
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