Like stepping into the tropics

The most beautiful floral gardens in Austria

Intoxicating greenery, packed full of flowers, fragrance and pleasure - Austria's garden paradises are ready and waiting to enchant all your senses.

Everything comes alive in the spring and thousands of flowers, buds and colourful shrubs are flaunting the beauty of nature. Snowdrops and crocuses are followed by roses in early summer, before an enchanting sea of dahlias blossoms into view. What could be better at this time of year than enjoying nature with all your senses?
You may not be aware that Austria has one of the best garden cultures in the world. One by one, numerous botanical gardens and impressive parks have been developed across all the provinces, collecting and cultivating exotic plants as well as native Austrian species. So, when you feel the tingle of warm sunshine on your face and your spirit reawakening, just follow the butterflies and visit Austria’s lovingly designed, blossoming gardens.

Salzburg Botanical Garden

The Salzburg Botanical Garden is located close to Freisaal Castle in the Nonntal area of the city and is over a hectare in size. Over 650 plant species mingle with each other across the extensive green space and in the heated tropical greenhouses, including a vast selection of rare herbs, flowers and trees. However, the garden is of particular interest for herbalists. In the separate 300 m² Apothecary Herb Garden, herbs have been grown to tackle every ailment. Sage, thyme, St. John’s wort and arnica are just a few of the medicinal plants sown and cultivated there by the University of Salzburg’s Faculty of Natural Sciences. As you wander around the well-maintained lawn, it feels like you have been transported to a typical English park. Shady areas here and there invite you to linger and soak up the surroundings.
Pflanzen des botanischen Gartens Salzburgs in ihrer vollen Pracht.
The Salzburg Botanical Garden is part of the University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences and is also used for research purposes.

Linz Botanical Garden

The botanical garden in the city of Linz dates back to 1853 and opened in its current location in 1952. It has in excess of 10,000 different species of plants, spread over an area of 4.2 hectares, including both native and numerous exotic varieties. If you go into the tropical house, it feels like you are in a tropical rainforest. Inside, crops such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla, bananas, pineapples, sugar cane and ginger all thrive, as do a wealth of ornamental plants with magnificent coloured flowers. However, the gardens are actually famous for having the largest collection of cacti and orchids in Europe. These can be viewed in the succulent house and the orchid house.

Der Botanische Garten in Linz mit Teich und atemberaubender Bepflanzung.
© Archive Botanischer Garten Linz
In the entrance garden, you will be greeted by yellow, pink and red colour accents.

Kittenberger Discovery Gardens

The discovery gardens owned by the Kittenberger family in Schiltern near Langenlois are certainly not conventional. Tucked in between the vineyards and blending seamlessly into the hilly landscape, it is a wonderland of garden fantasy. Throughout the seasons, imaginatively designed show gardens invite young and old to spend an exciting day discovering natural treasures. Over an area of 50,000 m², 40 themed gardens lie side by side – dreamlike Asian floral displays sit next to vineyards inspired by Tuscany and Portuguese fire art meets Celtic energy. You can take a stroll from the rainbow to the steppe, then go from the giant slide to riding rafts. In the animal farm garden, pygmy goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies and alpacas all wait to be fed. Anyone who has ever wanted to see kangaroos will certainly get their money’s worth in the fantastic Waldviertel kangaroo garden.
Ein Wallaby bei der Fütterung.
© Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten
You’ll never be bored in the Kittenberger Discovery Gardens. You can even stroke and feed kangaroos.
Eine Familie hangelt sich auf einem Floß deb Fluss entlang.
© Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten
In the adventure garden there’s something for every age to enjoy. Slides or riding rafts, you’re sure to see some action!

Private show gardens: ‘Floras Welten’ & Susi’s plant exchange

In recent years, a new trend has emerged amongst garden lovers. Private amateur gardeners are opening the gates to their green oases and regularly inviting people to make a personal visit. You can go and chat with experts or simply be enchanted by the beauty of the individual locations. ‘Floras Welten’ (flora’s worlds) is the name Andrea Rauscher has given to her garden in the Weinviertel region of Austria. In a field behind her farm, the expert florist, herbalist and nature guide grows around 100 different native plants, according to the season, which she then turns into floral arrangements. A “green tunnel” leads through the inner courtyard to a tranquil spot which is surrounded by wild roses, spring and summer bulbs, bellflowers and mallows.
Susanne Mitas has developed a particularly special concept by setting up an exchange system for gardening enthusiasts. From April to October, in a romantic natural garden setting, a vast array of different plants (herbs, flowers, shrubs, fruit, vegetable and house plants) can be found under an old walnut tree ready to be exchanged as part of Susi’s scheme. Anyone who brings a plant can take another one back home with them. As a result, her private garden is filled with a variety of fragrant herbs, lush flowering perennials and shrubs, and vegetable and fruit plants, all naturally blending with each other in perfect harmony.
Der private Schaugarten "Susis" Pflanzentausch in seiner grünen Pracht.
© Susanne Mitas
Anyone who wants to can bring their own cuttings and exchange them for new plants from Susi’s garden. But this enchanted place also invites garden lovers just to meander quietly and enjoy the surroundings without having to swap plants.

Austria is a country of outstanding natural beauty and biological and geological diversity – you just need to know where to look. Has this inspired you to visit some romantic green spaces? Then now is the perfect moment to put that thought into action, as everything is in full bloom. Here at Högl, delicate flowers are also playfully entwining themselves all over our sneakers, loafers and heels. The new floral print designs are light and airy and bring a feel-good vibe to your leisure wardrobe. Say it with flowers – these are the ideal companions for relaxed summer outings!
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