Colourful houses just like in the Caribbean

The Baroque town of Schärding

Located on the banks of the River Inn, the centre of Schärding is a Baroque jewel. The atmosphere in this picturesque old town is vibrant, cheerful and simply delightful.
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Colourful rows of houses just like those in the South Seas, old doors, narrow lanes and quiet, secluded spots in abundance – it can only be the Upper Austrian town of Schärding. Located on the banks of the River Inn, this Baroque jewel is just a few kilometres from Högl’s group headquarters in Taufkirchen an der Pram. Those visiting this little town for the first time will no doubt be taken aback by its colourful, late Baroque appearance, which looks as though it’s been transported directly from the Caribbean to Upper Austria’s Innviertel region. A stroll through Schärding is an absolute joy. Thanks to the numerous attractions - which are well worth a visit - this historic and beautifully preserved old town has a huge amount to offer.
The Schärding silver row with its colourful row of houses. The sun is going down and the sky is clear blue.
© Schärding Tourismus - Located in the heart of this Baroque town, Schärding’s colourful Silberzeile (Silver Row) has become its landmark feature.

Old-world charm

If the colourful facades and old walls could talk, they’d tell stories of battles over its governance and its trade and wealth.

The area around Schärding has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. After the Romans ousted the Celts in 15 BC, ‘Scardinga’ was established, becoming part of the Roman province of Noricum. Separated from Bavaria only by the River Inn, the town’s geographical position subsequently gave rise to successive changes in ownership between Bavarian and Austrian aristocratic families. However, because of its riverside location, Schärding also became a centre for trade - particularly for salt, wood, ores, wine, silk, glass, grain, textiles and livestock - making the town rich. Wealthy merchants invested their ‘silver’ in magnificent architectural facades, creating an impressive townscape which survives to this day.
On the historical painting you can see the city square how it used to look, some horses and a carriage as well as some people.
© Verlag Josef Heindl – Schärding 1850: Trade in raw materials via the River Inn made the town rich. Wealthy merchants invested in a grand townscape which has been preserved to this day.

Discover the delights of Schärding

Schärding is renowned for its Silberzeile (Silver Row), located at the upper end of the main square. Its colourful pastel facades date back to the Middle Ages, with the guild colours used to denote various trades (e.g. blue for bakers, red for butchers, yellow and green for innkeepers). Opposite the Neo-Baroque town hall, also in the upper end of the main square, is the Christopher Fountain, which symbolises the wealth Schärding derived from the river and shipping, as well as the risk of flooding, to which the town is constantly exposed. Leaving the square behind and following the narrow cobblestone lanes towards the banks of the River Inn, you pass through Schärding’s lovingly landscaped town park, formerly Schärding Castle’s courtyard. Evidence of this mighty structure, built in the 11th century by the Count of Formbach, can still be seen in this spot in the form of walls and the remains of a keep and moat.
You can see the illuminated terraces infront of the palace park.
© Schärding Tourismus/Josef Grünberger - Today, only the remnants of the walls and moat of Schärding Castle, built in the 11th century, can be seen.

In the middle of its Baroque gardens stands a very special jewel – the Orangery Restaurant – which took shape from what was once a beautifully furnished greenhouse, complete with accommodation for the gardeners. With its central location in this stunning park, it offers a spectacular setting in which to dine.
The sky is clear blue, the trees are blooming. The Orangerie lies within the castle garden grounds.
© - In the grounds of Schärding’s town park, the greenhouse, which once accommodated the gardeners, is now home to the Orangery, a superb restaurant.
For those of you who would like to discover Schärding and the Lower Inn Valley from the water, we recommend taking a river cruise. These start from the boat pier located on the idyllic Lower Inn promenade. 
Tourists shiping down the Inn in splendid sunshine.
© Schärding Tourismus - Schärding’s pier on the River Inn is the starting point for several cruises that lead to Passau, also known as the city of three rivers.

A youthful spirit within ancient walls (events)

Anyone who thinks that Schärding has nothing but history to offer is sorely mistaken. This Baroque town is bursting with things to do and is the perfect place for both culture and adventure. With its markets, festivals and cultural events, Schärding is a popular destination for people of all ages who appreciate charm and flair, with a whole host of events planned for 2019. Cocktail bars with live music will entice you, cabaret artists will thrill you with their amazing performances, young sporting talents will offer great shows of resilience, and the many markets will offer the perfect chance to stroll and shop.
The illuminated silver row at night. It is very well attended.
© Schärding Tourismus/Josef Grünberger - Schärding’s Silberzeile (Silver Row) at night: colourful light displays create a fantastic atmosphere, which resonates inside the numerous cocktail bars that line the main square.
The food festival of Schärding at night. It is very busy.
© H. Berndorfer - The annual Schärding Schlemmerfest (gourmet festival) delights young and old alike and attracts thousands of visitors.

Pleasure and a break from everyday life (cuisine, relaxation, holidays)

The people of Schärding certainly know how to live and celebrate life, with this town of just 5,000 inhabitants boasting more than 50 guest houses, restaurants, cafés and bars. Several establishments serve food and beer from Austria’s Innviertel region – and nowhere in Upper Austria has as many breweries as the Inn region.

Pleasure and relaxation are key and are very much reflected in the town’s appearance. Wherever you wander around the heart of the town, you can’t but fail to stumble upon a little spot complete with a fountain, trees or benches. Time and time again, you’re encouraged to sit and watch the world go by. Far from being boring, this is relaxing and helps alleviate the fast pace of town life.
A couple sitting on a bench in the palace park infront of the Orangerie.
© Schärding Tourismus - Many of Schärding’s secluded spots invite you to linger a while and relax.
A couple which is wearing biking clothes is lying on one of the many relaxing possibilities.
© Schärding Tourismus - Nature also flourishes throughout the town. You can sit and unwind on many small benches all around the city.
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