On course for well-being in Austria

‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln

Austria's largest health & wellness fair is the perfect retreat for anyone after some relaxation.

This season, Högl is all about relaxation and well-being. Both the new shoe collection and the imagery of the autumn/winter campaign are led by the guiding principle ‘Högl goes Hygge’ - embodying pure relaxation, warmth and cosy comfort with every step.
Cosy sneaker NANUK from Högl

Feeling good is a personal luxury everyone defines differently. For some, it could be meeting with people they love, who make them laugh. For others, it may be a spa break, an extensive sports programme or a healthy dinner. How we recharge our batteries varies from person to person. For those after a bit of rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we’d like to tell you about a very special event: the ‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln, Lower Austria. It’s Austria's largest health and well-being fair, providing plenty of inspiration to make life just that little bit better. And there's something for everyone!
Fair in Tulln
© Messen CMW - the 85,000 m² exhibition centre in Tulln is an all-year-round venue for major international events.

‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln

From the 19th to 21st October 2018, Tulln will become a hub for wellness, vitality, balance, prevention and healing. Over 200 exhibitors from 8 countries will showcase the latest wellness trends and extensive product ranges, including plenty of health innovations. At free lectures and panel discussions, doctors and experts will discuss the current health topics many are concerned about. Also for the first time, specialist conferences will take place for health professionals, for continued professional development.
Talks at the fair in Tulln
© Messen CMW - in addition to a large variety of exhibitors, the fair will entertain visitors with an extensive programme of over 30 exciting lectures and informative panel discussions on current topics.


Wellness is on trend. From time out at a hotel to indulgence at home, more and more of us, several times a year, are craving something to help us forget our stresses for a while. At the fair, visitors can find out about saunas, hot tubs, swim spas, and much more. They can also see items such as massage chairs, loungers and comfortable furniture to create a wellness oasis in their own homes. Those who like to travel for their special ‘feel-good’ moments can also get inspiration for their next wellness holiday.
Wellness - find all things relaxing in the fair in Tulln
© Messen CMW - in the fair’s wellness area, ‘feel-good’ moments of all kinds await: from inspiration for your next wellness holiday to modern spa facilities for your own home.

Health and prevention

With the right tools, everyone can do a great deal to prevent various diseases and boost their health. At the Tulln fair, alternative methods are on offer alongside orthodox medical solutions. Visitors can undergo health checks for early detection of disease, such as hearing tests, eye tests and blood sugar and cholesterol tests. Also, regular physical exercise, good-quality sleep and relaxation techniques count towards prevention - and there’s plenty of information on these at the ‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln.
health check at the fair in tulln
© Messen CMW - prevention is better than cure! Health checks can help with early detection of disease.

Healthy eating

The wellness market is no longer governed by the mantra ‘relax and spoil yourself’. Well-being is a lifestyle and a mindset, and more and more of us are becoming active and making changes in various aspects of our lives. Healthy eating is one of the key factors, and is characterised by trends. The ‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln provides information about current food trends such as vegetarian and vegan alternatives, raw food, organic provenance and slow food, with a focus on regional foods. Visitors can also take part in energy testing to get valuable, tailor-made tips for a balanced diet. Accompanying all this is kitchen equipment to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.
Diskussion in Fachkreisen über Gesundheit
© Messen CMW - new trends in the field of nutrition will be discussed by experts.

Fitness and beauty

A healthy body is intrinsically linked with getting enough exercise. Fitness increases overall performance and physical well-being, a fact recognised by many, with the number of people integrating sports into their daily lives increasing rapidly. A variety of trends will be showcased at the fair, with the world of fitness reinvented year on year.

There will also be exhibitors demonstrating their expertise in beauty and cosmetics. The motto: ‘Greater individuality and naturalness’.

beauty at the tulln fair

The motto for beauty and cosmetics at ‘Gesund & Wellness’ Tulln is ‘Greater individuality and naturalness’.


Everyone has a different definition of well-being. Ultimately, a lot of little touches together can add up to make a big difference. Personal luxury begins where problems and negative thoughts fade into the background. Special products, experiences and activities that enhance our sense of well-being and are high-quality, authentic and sustainable, make our lives more enjoyable and shape our very own sense of luxury.

If you’d like to be comfortable and relaxed all day long at the ‘Gesund & Wellness’ fair in Tulln, we’d like to recommend some feel-good shoes for you - by Högl.
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