Högl goes Hygge

Scandinavian lifestyle & Danish design in Austria

Relaxed, open, cosy, homely - qualities that are growing in popularity in Austria, with many enjoying bringing “Hygge” into their homes.
This autumn/winter, Högl is following in the footsteps of the new feel-good "Hygge" trend. For Högl, Hygge means giving every step the feel-good factor, with shoes that provide comfort and cosy contentment.
The trend runs across practically all areas of life, starting with a feeling, influencing the way we live our lives, and culminating in the deliberate selection of products that enhance our sense of well-being. This inevitably includes shoes, as well as items that transform our homes into well-being oases.
Anyone who regularly strolls around the shopping streets of Vienna or Salzburg will have noticed stores selling Danish-designed interiors cropping up everywhere. But what is it about Scandinavian design that make it so fascinating, a real must-have for our homes? It’s about so much more than just the way the furnishings look. A whole lifestyle, a way of life is reflected in Scandinavian design, making the Scandinavians the envy of the Austrians. It’s Hygge.
Högl Nanuk Sneaker styled in a cosy way
Högl goes hygge


This word expresses a particular image of cosiness. One that includes a snuggly sofa, time with friends and family, a steaming hot cup of tea, candlelight, a log fire and a purring cat in your lap. This intense feeling of well-being originated in the Nordic climate, where long, cold winters in a densely forested landscape nurtured a culture that focuses on the home as a source of warmth and protection. People meet in each other’s homes to avoid travelling far in poor weather conditions, with hospitality highly cherished.

Scandinavian home design

This same feeling - but also the harsh conditions of the Scandinavian landscape - inspires both designs and colours. Home furnishings are characterised by their functionality, simplicity and natural materials. “Functionality first, design second” is the motto, meaning an object must first and foremost fulfil its purpose, with appearance coming afterwards. The colour scheme, using muted shades such as delicate blues, greys and earthy tones, is a reflection of nature, and a play with wooden surfaces is also characteristic of the style, often integrated into the furniture.

The love lies in the detail

To enable the clean look of the furniture to blend in with the cosy sense of well-being, the right colours and materials is crucial. Even though people’s definition of cosiness is very individual, for most Hygge fans soft, snug textiles, such as rugs, throws and cushions are key components. Hygge is warm and cosy, but not overly ‘fluffy’. Warm, indirect lighting and real sources of light, such as candles, stoves and fireplaces, also contribute significantly to a homely atmosphere.


Scandinavian chic in Austria

Copenhagen Hus - Vienna

Native Danes Eva Marie Jensen and Victoria Rupnik have all sorts of Scandinavian home accessories on offer here to make life more beautiful and comfortable. In addition to accessories like vases, lamps, throws, etc., they also sell cosmetics, jewellery and even Danish delicacies.
Visit the Copenhagen Hus in Vienna in Högl shoes
® Copenhagen Hus - Vienna
Hygge Feeling in the Copenhagen Hus in Vienna
® Copenhagen Hus - Vienna

Scandinavian Design House - Vienna & Graz

For anyone in the mood for sturdier, slightly more "hygge-free" Scandinavian design, this is the place for you. The Scandinavian Design House offers high-quality designer furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories and is happy to assist and advise on any questions regarding interior design.
Feeling cosy and at home in the Scandinavian Design House
@Scandinavian Design House

Bolia - Graz

You’ll find this exclusive Scandinavian furniture shop in the Murgasse in Graz. In addition to Scandinavian design in vibrant colours, Bolia also offers matching accessories to help create an attractive and comfortable home. All the furniture is bespoke, made according to the customer’s individual wishes, and is produced in Europe.

Beiwerk - Salzburg

Since 2017, Beiwerk has provided Salzburg with a new concept store, dedicated to utterly beautiful items from the far north. Here, Christian Mitterer has realised his dream of having his own Scandinavian furnishings store. He now sells Nordic furniture so beautiful you wish you could just live in the shop window.

Högl goes Hygge

Imagine looking for miles into the distance along a deserted beach as your thoughts drift off to new shores. The waves dance tirelessly to the tune of the wind as you stroll on the beach lined with dunes, light-footed in your warm and comfortable shoes. You reach the cosy bar. The fire is crackling in the hearth and the smell of aromatic Frisian tea lingers in the air....that is Hygge – with Högl. Whether you’re strolling by the sea, dancing in the rain or going on a winter hike in the snow, Högl shoes are sure to provide you with a cosy feeling of comfort and contentment.
Högl bootees CUDDLY fit the cosy beach feeling at Norderney
Hygge, feeling good is the motto of this season at Högl. Portrait of Luisa Hartema in cosy knitwear
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