Austrian craftsmanship

Sustainable natural wood furniture from Upper Austria

TEAM 7, the pioneer of natural wood furniture located in the Upper Austrian town of Ried, has teamed up with the best designer in the world: nature itself.

Sustainability is the hallmark of Austrian furniture, which has a long tradition of natural wood processing. Probably the most well-known furniture comes from TEAM 7, the pioneer of natural wood furniture located in the town of Ried im Innkreis, not far from the Högl headquarters in Taufkirchen an der Pram.
Firmensitz von Team7
® TEAM 7 headquarters in Ried im Innkreis

Two-thirds of the production employees are traditional cabinetmakers who have studied woodworking and love their craft. Their experience and skilled craftsmanship are based on a tradition that can be traced back over decades: the creation of high-quality solid wood furniture. At the same time, they process wood using state-of-the-art technology to achieve perfection right down to the smallest detail through the combination of technology and tradition.
Produktion von Team7 mit gelernten Tischlern
® TEAM 7 production employees

The owner-managed company has been crafting high-quality solid wood furniture for almost 60 years and has become a leading eco-design brand with a global reputation. From the origin of the timber to production and design, the quality promise and company philosophy are based on clear values and principles. Lovingly designed and constantly evolving, TEAM 7 uses high-quality materials, sustainable and fair production methods for maximum functionality that you feel, but don’t see.
Here we provide a closer look at the company for you.

What is so special about “natural wood" raw material?

Wood is an all-rounder. If you handle it carefully, its power lives on, tamed but visible. These unique aesthetics are displayed in particular by natural wood furniture that is responsibly and sustainably manufactured. Natural wood also has other positive characteristics such as being naturally antibacterial. It also ensures a comfortable room climate by absorbing moisture and then releasing it again.
Hochwertige Naturhölzer
® TEAM 7 natural wood

Where is the natural wood processed at TEAM 7 sourced?

The entire production process, from the tree to the finished furniture, is in our hands. The timber is sourced from sustainable forests, where only as much wood is felled as will grown back again. Where possible, TEAM 7 also considers regional proximity when selecting suppliers. Since 2011, the company has cultivated—sustainably, of course—its own 74 hectare forest. Emissions are also reduced through short transport routes, since the forest is located close to the company’s own sawmill.
Das Sägewerk von Team7
® TEAM 7 - Sägewerk

How does the production process differ from that of traditional furniture?

Every piece of furniture made by TEAM 7 is one of a kind. This is not only true for custom manufactured pieces of furniture, but for all pieces, since every piece of wood is different in terms of its pattern and colouring. In production, care is taken to treat the solid wood as little as possible. For example, surfaces are not sealed, but finished with natural oil only. For bonding, the company uses water-based, formaldehyde-free glue to prevent any odours from occurring later when the furniture is in a living area. Sustainably produced furniture not only benefits the environment, but also the room climate and therefore health and well-being to

What makes the design of TEAM 7 furniture so unique?

Sustainability has become a way of life. Only something which lasts a long time and gives a lifetime of joy is truly sustainable. Those who choose timelessly beautiful furniture will keep it much longer than they will an on-trend piece that sooner or later won’t be seen anywhere. Like the tree, which adapts to the surroundings in which it grows, TEAM 7 furniture is also custom-made according to the customer’s wishes, yet always consistent with the brand’s simple and elegant design and style. Even though the furniture is stripped back to the bare essentials, sometimes appearing almost puristic, it is a wooden work of art full of emotional warmth. In order to create timeless designs, the designers always stay one step ahead of home interior, furniture and colour trends and decide which are relevant, and which are just brief fads. However, the focus is on the added value that is created for people by way of sophisticated details or innovative, functional features.
Desigernküche von Team7® TEAM 7 designer kitchen
Traditional craftsmanship, first-class quality, maximum comfort and a design with impressive attention to detail are values that are also incorporated into every single Högl shoe. Whether they are heels, sneakers or boots, Högl shoes invite you to experience feel-good comfort all day long. Bring the “Hygge” feeling into your home, with furniture by TEAM 7 and shoes by Högl. Treat yourself to a piece of very personal luxury...
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