The most beautiful fall colours

No colour suits fall better than toffee or brown. Less noticed in recent seasons,
they are now even competing with the classic, ever-trendy black.

Warm and rich brown tones bring calm and substance to the colour palette
of the fall/winter season 2022. Whether coats, scarves, accessories or shoes -
toffee was to be found on all catwalks from New York to Paris.

Indispensable for a contemporary look is the connection
with the theme of nature. Naturalness and sustainability
are driving forces in the interplay with authentic design.

Brown and natural tones are underlined by the consious
and ecological choice of materials.

Soft toffee tones for the cool season. Light, delicately coordinated colours remain
in vogue and perfectly coordinated accents can be set with our toffee styles. They
are underlined by soft materials like nubuck or super soft lambskin. Whether for
boots or sneakers.

The timeless tone can be wonderfully combined.

Toffee tone in tone

With a complete look like this, it's
a stylish move to mix colour
shades and materials.

Like our "Kelly" wool coat with our
"Power" smooth leather boots.

Our "Kelly" with hood and slight
oversize fit is now exclusively 
available in the colour toffee in
selected Högl stores.

Toffee To Go

Whether it's boots, ballerinas, pumps
or sneakers - our Toffee companions are
versatile and round off every fall outfit in
a chic way.

An insight into our toffee variety