Minimalism: on trend

Elegant restraint

Fashion blogger Viva_lamoda travelled all the way to the desert just to show us that less really is more in the world of fashion.

For Viva_lamoda, the Jordan desert is the epitome of minimalism and a major inspiration.

Der Frühling ist da und mit ihm endlich wieder die Möglichkeit, weiße Schuhe zu tragen und bunte Fußnägel zu zeigen. Ob für die Freizeit oder fürs Büro - elegante Pantoletten gehen immer und sehen zu allem gut aus.

With these ARIA mules, Högl’s designers opted for a square shape and gently shimmering patent leather that crosses over the foot in two broad straps.

Mit diesen wunderschönen weißen Sommerschuhen namens ARIA von Högl, habe ich etwas ganz Besonderes gefunden. Der kleine Absatz streckt die Beine und gibt eine schöne aufrechte Haltung. Högl hat sich beim Design vom Bauhaus-Stil inspirieren lassen und eine Hauch Retro-Charme addiert. Man erkennt das gleich auf den ersten Blick an der reduzierten, geometrischen Form und dem gebrochenen Weißton Milk. Minimalismus und der 70er Jahre-Stil sind gerade mehr denn je im Trend!

“Högl was inspired by Bauhaus for this design, but threw a hint of retro charm into the mix. (...) Both minimalism and 70s style are trendier than ever!”

Fittingly, the backdrop for these mules is the sparse desert town of Petra in Jordan. Clean lines and the Bauhaus maxim “form follows function” were essential to the shoes’ design, and I wanted to apply these principles in their styling too. So I chose a classic look with a little extra something:

• High-waisted pleated trousers in cream with casual buckles at the ankle
• A cool, black biker jacket, again with buckles
• A simple black top
• Sunglasses – a spring essential but also a must-have in the desert.

This look is pared down to the essentials and yet still exudes a cool femininity.
Flared block heels and a large horn-effect decorative buckle complement the shoes’ clean design and 70s retro charm.

My secret tip for those of you who have an eye for detail: paint your toenails in a bold colour so that they contrast with the shoe. This makes them even more eye catching! The beautifully soft leather makes wearing these Högl ARIA mules such a pleasant experience, you’ll want to wear them all day long. Elegant white summer shoes are a statement, a safe bet, and a trend that will never go out of fashion. Just like Bauhaus!


Yours, Viva_lamoda