Feminine Dad Sneakers by Högl

A shoe-blast from the past!

With the VISIONARY, a feminine reinterpretation of the dad sneaker, Högl proves that the 90s trend is far from ugly.


My mother often used to tell me: if you keep something for long enough, then it’ll come back into fashion. As a teenager, of course, I didn’t want to listen. I’m kicking myself now though! I may be lucky enough to wear the same dress size as 25 years ago, but I threw out my beloved high-waisted trousers and oversized denim jackets years ago, convinced they were no longer fashionable.

Trends come and go - some, however, stand the test of time! Missmondo appreciates fashionable ‘it’ pieces that have earned a long-term place in her wardrobe.

That 90s dad sneaker
Trends come and go, just like the 90s shoe trend we’re seeing right now: the dad sneaker, also known as the chunky sneaker or ugly sneaker. Actually, this kind of sports shoe was popular in the 90s because of its comfortable design. It became a firm favourite among American dads, which is how it got its name.

From ugly to feminine – from chunky to comfy
In recent years this shoe trend has had a huge revival, but not without some controversy. In fact, it has seen the fashion world split into two camps: those who find dad sneakers ugly, and those who love the comfort factor. I personally love their striking silhouette, which makes them as eye-catching as they are comfortable.

Missmondo styles her pink VISIONARY sneakers to create a modern, feminine look.
This boxy coat and trouser combo lets the sporty sneaker come into its own.

With this VISIONARY sneaker, Högl proves that ugly is the last word anyone would use to describe this kind of shoe. Whether teamed with a romantic floral dress, a flouncy skirt or a trouser suit, Högl has streamlined the chunky trend sneaker to give it a luxury edge and added some chic metallic accents. The delicate, natural rosé shade complements the cool design with a much-needed femininity, while shimmering metallic details provide an extra touch of class. The voluminous soles are not just trendy – they’re so light you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

The combination of materials including suede, leather and metallics conjures up a light-footed femininity.

The verdict: a trend with longevity!
The VISIONARY brings such a light touch, you could almost forget its chunky design. I’m sure I’ll still be wearing a pair in years to come, because they highlight my personality 100%.

Are you in love with this shoe trend too?
Then brace yourself, because the VISIONARY sneaker comes in five different versions:

• The all-rounder in white
• Black with white soles for a fashion statement
• Delicate nude in patent leather with metallics
• Light grey in a mix of materials including patent leather, with red accents
• Suede and leather in sage green (salvia) with silver highlights

Have fun wearing these trendy shoes!