A special kind of shopping experience

First Högl Pop-Up Store in Linz

Recently it finally happened - the first Högl pop-up store in the Schuhhaus Eiler in Linz (Austria) has opened. From September to November, models based on the current autumn / winter collection are presented with a new design concept in the style of the 1970s.

Furnished in the style of the 70s, the current autumn / winter collection is presented in a completely different way in the Högl Pop-Up Store in the Schuhhaus Eiler in Linz: side tables, armchairs and a sideboard in retro style look like from the 70s - the theme of the current Högl autumn / winter collection. The atmospheric wall design with rich colors, current campaign motifs and wallpaper with leaf decor complete the 70s-style of the store and, together with furniture and accessories, create a cozy retro atmosphere.

“In our first pop-up store, we want to create a very special shopping atmosphere for our customers. Buying shoes should become an experience. We want to make the Högl brand tangible and ensure that every customer feels good and likes to come back,” summarizes Högl CEO Gerhard Bachmaier. Peter Bangelmeier, CEO of Schuhhaus Eiler, also sees the project as very positive: "With the new Högl Pop-Up Store we are setting completely new accents in terms of implementation and experience for our customers."

The shop invites you to try the latest models and to fall in love with them. Take your time and discover the models in a charming nostalgic ambience. You can experience the zeitgeist of the 70s in the Högl Pop-Up Store until November - a time characterized by individuality and feminine elegance.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Högl Pop-Up Store

Schuhhaus Eiler

Landstraße 34

4020 Linz